Monday, May 23, 2011

Holo With Glitter and Crackle, Oh My!

Ah holographic nail polish. How did I live the first 25 years of my life not knowing you existed? The sparkles, the rainbows, the prisms, it's glorious! The first holographic I really tried was a few weeks ago and I have some pictures from the manicure I did. It started off with Color Club Worth The Risque with a bit of China Glaze Techno as an accent on the ring fingers to really make it pop!

Gorgeous how the light reflects off of it! It's even more intense in person! I did three coats of Worth the Risque on each nail to really make sure it was opaque and there was no visible nail line. However, after a day, my nail polish ADD kicked in and I needed to add more to it. So, China Glaze Black Mesh went on top of it:

This picture was taken indoors right after I did the manicure. Love the sparkles under the crackle, really gives it some depth.

This picture was taken outside the next day so you can see more of the rainbow in the holographic polish peeking out under the black crackle.

I just love the crackle shades (although don't forget to use a nail polish thinner on them if they start to thicken up because otherwise it won't crack as well) and I really love them over something that sparkles or glitters. It gives it so much more dimension and is really a unique look. I also think that Color Club Worth The Risque is a great silver holo. I have Nfu-oh 61 to try in my nail polish arsenal which I'm told is the be all and end all of holographic silvers, but I was really surprised with how prismatic Worth The Risque was.

What's your favorite holo? What are your thoughts on the black crackle over the holo?


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