Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Little Something Extra

So yesterday I had my first On Wednesday's We Wear Pink blog post. I'm not one for pink nail polish but surprisingly have a lot in my collection. However I needed to spice it up a bit so I added Zoya Trixie to one nail on each hand with the other 8 fingers having OPI's Wing It! Then, last night, before I changed my nail polish (going to visit the boyfriends family in Ohio tonight so wanted my nails to be a bit more "normal) I decided to try something new!

I've never tried a french manicure before and decided to give it a go just on one finger since I was pressed for time. I took scotch tape and covered most of the nail and then did two coats of Zoya Trixie on top of Wing It! I love it! The next time I have time for a full manicure of super fun awesomeness, I'm going to try again! Here's another picture:

I love the silver in contrast to the pink! Plus, the french tip helped cover up the visible nail line which was driving me crazy all day yesterday!

What do you think? Do you like a contrasting french tip? How do you feel about french manicures that use color instead of the typical white? What's your favorite combination for a french?


  1. Sorry about the crappy pictures! I'm getting a new camera for my birthday in a few weeks so the quality will go up!

  2. i have many "unwanted" pinks too! i guess it's because they look like such safe colours on the shelf.. i really like the silver and pink contrast too - i generally like my tips any different colour.. i'd like to try matte black on my tips once :O

  3. Belle - I just did another french with a matte blue with silver holo tips! I'll post it up later! I'm loving the difference between a matte and a glitter!


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