Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On Wednesday's We Wear Pink!

Ah my first On Wednesday's We Wear Pink post! Now, pink is not a color I normally wear, however I do have a few in my stash (mostly ones that came as part of a collection or if I needed some "normal" nail polish for a fancy event) so here is my first try at a Wednesday Pink manicure featuring OPI Wing It!

Ok, I know what you're saying,... why one silver nail? I say, why not? I needed to jazz it up a bit, and after doing laundry last night I didn't have time to try out a design or a french tip or anything crazy like that (I was tired!) so I decided to to a blingy silver ring finger. Here is a better look holding the bottle of Zoya Trixie I used for the ring finger:

In these pictures that were taken last night, Wing it! looks almost reddish with pink hints. In person, the color is much more pink and a lot more sheer than I would like. I did about 4 coats of Wing It! although I will say that it would have been 3 coats with a full sized bottle (I got this color in the mini Flutter Summer collection in the summer of 2010.) The little brush is a bit hard to use even on my tiny fingernails, however even after 4 coats I definitely have a visible nail line. Zoya Trixie however is only 2 coats and has full coverage.

Here is a picture taken this morning where Wing It! looks much more pink.

And one last picture to show off the silver bling nail amongst the sea of pink sparkles. All in all while I think Wing It! is a fun color, it generally won't be one of my "go to" colors, even on the rare occassion I want a pink, because it's just too sheer. Zoya Trixie on the other hand might be my favorite silver because I love the foil finish and it covers so well in just 2 coats! All of my nails had a base coat of Sally Hansen Strengthener and a top coat of OPI Quick Dry top coat.

What are your thoughts on doing one nail a different color than the rest? Are you a pink polish fan? What's your favorite pink?


  1. I'm not and never have been a huge pink fan, so I've been participating in Pink Wednesdays to get them out of my "untrieds" and give them a little love! This is a pretty pink, but I definitely don't have it as one of my go-to polishes either. Trixie, however, is awesome!
    I gave you an award, by the way:

  2. Thanks so much Nicole! I'm so not a pink girl but Trixie makes any manicure better! And thanks for the award!


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