Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday Hair and Nails!

My gorgeous Lacquered lovers, I have a doozy for you today! I will be showing off my manicure for my birthday party tonight AND my awesome new curling iron! First up, nail polish!

My super amazing boyfriend (who recently moved in with me so he knows my obsession with nail polish) wanted to get me Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday as a little pre-birthday surprise! However they were sold out, so he found the next best thing, a dupe, Milani Gems! Of course I wanted to incorporate it into my manicure for my party, so I tested it out first over China Glaze Millennium, CND Blackjack and China Glaze Hey Sailor.

Hey Sailor looked a bit too Christmas-y for me, and I couldn't decide between Blackjack and Millennium so I did both! I decided to do mostly Millennium and do an accent on my ring finger of BlackJack with Seche Vite Ridge Filler as my base coat.

So pretty and shiny! Then I waited a few minutes and added a thick coat of Milani Gems and topped it off with Seche Vite! So sparkly and fun, my nails look like a glitter extravaganza!

Love it! So fun! On top of doing a super fun manicure, I got to use my awesome curling iron, the Amika Triple Barrel for the second time. This curling iron has no clip, comes with a heat resistant glove and three different sized barrels, plus it gets up to 200 degrees celsius! Here are some pics of the gorgeous packaging!

So pretty! I used the medium barrel (and somehow didn't burn myself) and here is the finished product!

Anyone else tried this curling iron? Do you do special manicures for your birthday?


  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE the mani you chose :) And a BIG congrats on finding such an amazing bf!

  2. Happy birthday!!

    OMG, this curling iron works so well! your curls are gorgeous! Mine doesn't really work I end up using hot rollers and they work wonderfully for me.

  3. Happy birthday . & everything looks gorgeous !

  4. happy birthday! hope your birthday was as fun as your manis are haha

  5. @thenailaholic - thanks! He is pretty awesome and the mani was fun!

    @Nailderella - thanks! This is definitely the best curling iron I've ever used!

    @Toyomi - thank you!

    @belle - thank you! It was a blast!


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