Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Butter London Teddy Girl with Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air

Welcome to another addition to On Wednesday's We Wear Pink! Carly's Mean Girls quote of the day by Mrs. George "I'm gonna make you girls a hump day treat!"

Now that we have that all settled, I have something exciting for you today for my pink manicure! My first time using a Butter London nail polish! I've been reading about them for awhile and finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a few. In my first Ulta haul (I just ordered online from them for the first time) I got two Butter London colors from their Spring/Summer 2011 collection: Teddy Girl and Blagger.

Butter London Teddy Girl

Now I have to say that while this color is labeled as a "retro pink" to me it is way more chalky. The application was very streaky and I had to do three coats on almost every nail to make it completely opaque. If I wanted it to be 100% even, I probably would have needed a fourth coat, but since I knew I was adding some sparkle on top of Teddy Girl I refrained.

You can see how streaky Teddy Girl is. I find a lot of these "white out" colors tend to be streaky like this, with the exception of Essie Borrowed and Blue and Essie Fiji. For some reason the formula on those are much more conducive to be streak free!

So once Teddy Girl was on, I needed some bling on it since I can't just do a pink manicure. So I pulled out one of my new favorites, Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air to add some blue and pink sparkle!

Glitter in the Air was released earlier this year. In the bottle, it almost looks like the base is a cloudy blue but in actuality, it's almost clear when using it over a color. I've tried it over white, light blue and pinks, and only when put over a stark white does it change the original color. There are different sized light blue and light pink sparkles throughout, and the sparkles need to be placed carefully and allowed to try before doing another coat or else you end up dragging them all around. Here are a few pictures of the finished manicure, two coats of Glitter in the Air and topped off with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat:

Sorry for the slightly off coloring of these pictures, I did my manicure at night and didn't want to wait until after work to post these to take pictures in the sunlight! This last picture was taken from my cell phone (I know, the horror) but I feel it gives a slightly better color of Teddy Girl:

Butter London retails for about $14 a bottle and Deborah Lippmann between $16-$20 a bottle.

Phew! That was a lot of pictures! All in all I will say that I was not overly impressed with Butter London although I do love the shade of pink that Teddy Girl was. For $14 a bottle, I expect more. I will try Blagger at some point this week and see if the formula and application is better since it's a darker color. As for Deborah Lippmann, she never lets me down! Love it!

What are your thoughts on Butter London? Do you love Lippmann glitters? What colors have you tried Glitter in the Air with? Did you have a Wednesday pink manicure as well?


  1. That is awfully streaky for an expensive lacquer! Eep. GITA definitely saved this though, it's awesome with the glitter on top. I do love Deborah Lippmann's glitters, but I don't have this yet!

  2. Thanks Nicole! Glitter in the Air saves everything! My favorite combo so far was doing Essie Borrowed and Blue with Glitter in the Air just on my ring fingers to add a little pizzazz to the manicure. I'd highly recommend getting it when you can! It's a great spring/summer color. As for Teddy Girl, way too expensive to be so streaky but I'm hoping that Blagger will be better, since I've read about the issues with Teddy Girl and have heard good things about the brand!


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