Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Essie Braziliant and Smooth Sailing

So when I took a walk/hobble to my neighborhood a Ricky's this weekend to buy a new hair dryer, I wasn't really planning on getting any new nail polish. About 12 bottles later, here we are! I saw the Essie Braziliant collection and only two really jumped out at me as being "different" so they are the two I bought. I give you Braziliant and Smooth Sailing:

Braziliant is a gorgeous darkened orange polish with silver shimmer. It does look more shimmery in the bottle than on the nails, but I love that this was basically opaque with one coat! I used one coat of Seche Vite Ridge Filler (my new obsession) and I did two coat of Braziliant just to make sure it was even. Here is a better picture of the bottle so you can see the shimmer a bit better:

And a few more on the nail, one I tried to capture in the sunlight that was peeking through my apartment window on Sunday!

All in all a gorgeous color with a great formula! Now on to Smooth Sailing:

This color is a cornflower blue with flashes of purple and packed with silver micro-glitter. Swoon! I'm in love! I have nothing like it in my collection and am just drooling over it. In fact, it's back on my fingers today! Here are some pictures on the nails (don't make fun of the smudged pinky nail, My hand slipped and I didn't realize until I took all the polish off!):

I am truly in love with this shade. So perfect for the beach! I let the boyfriend pick out my polish colors last night (he painted my toes as well in OPI DS Sapphire, pics to come later) and he wanted this one on my nails! Such a great choice! Essie retails for $8.00 a bottle. I'd highly recommend both Braziliant and Smooth Sailing for summer manicures and pedicures!

What do you all think of the Braziliant Collection? Any other colors I should grab up? What are your thoughts on orange nail polish?


  1. I picked up Smooth Sailing and...oh gosh, I can't remember the other one. I have to go back for both of the oranges though, I love those so much!

  2. These a great colors! I love Smooth Sailing. I used to not be into orange nail polish much, but when I tried China Glaze Papaya Punch it really got me on an orange kick!

  3. @Nicole - I think I may go back and get more from the collection at lunch time today!

    @StardustStephanie - Aren't they fabulous? I was never an orange (or a pink) girl either but I've been trying to expand in the last few months and I'm really starting to like both! I think I need it to be warm weather out before I can think of Orange on my nails, but I am really into it for this summer!

  4. I love this whole collection but I HAVE to have Smooth Sailing!

  5. @thenailaholic - I keep staring at Smooth Sailing on my nails now! And I might be hobbling to a drugstore to see if I can pick up a few more in the collection!

  6. wow, I really like the bottom blue polish, so pretty x

  7. @Nicole - thanks! I'm obsessed with it! One of my coworkers just complimented me on it!

  8. another great recommendation :D you really know my colour preferences lol


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