Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ManGlaze Fuck Off and Dye - Wednesday Pink Manicure!

I know you all must be sick of me singing the praises of ManGlaze, but here is another one! And what a fabulous name! Fuck Off and Dye is a gorgeous bright pink matte jam packed with shimmer!

The best part about this nail polish is the name, and what's even more funny is that for those who don't want a polish with a curse in it, it's alternate name is "Blue!" Gotta love it! Here are a few pictures on the nail:

And now two with a top coat on the ring and pointer finger and the middle finger still matte:

Look how that shimmer really pops with the top coat! Love, love, love it! ManGlaze can be bought from their website and Fuck Off and Dye retails for $13.13.

Are you a matte fan? Do you ever put a top coat on a matte polish?


  1. I looooooove it! Wish I could get it off of Amazon though. That's where most of my "free" money is able to be spent.

  2. Love it with a top coat, but still like it without! :)

  3. @thenailaholic - these are soooo worth splurging for!

    @caneriva - isn't it just an awesome color? I'm in love!

  4. The matte finish is really pretty and top coat just brings it to a new level .

  5. I kinda want this polish because of the name lol.. I love matte polishes

  6. @Toyomi - thanks! I love that these Matte's have a shimmer to them so if you add a top coat it really pops!

    @Shadow - Isn't it the best name for a polish ever? I love it!

  7. omg that's such a great colour!
    i tried to go to urban outfitters this week cos some people claim to have found them there - but no luck for mee :(

    thanks for the recommendation !!

  8. Nice polish and loving the name too! :D

  9. @Belle - I'd just order them online! I'm pretty sure they don't sell them at Urban anymore.

    @Makeup Your Mind - it's just the best polish name in the world!


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