Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Manglaze Matte is Murder and Hot Mess

It is hot as hell in New York today (95 degrees and will be almost 100 degrees tomorrow) and I'm a bit cranky about the whole broken foot thing, so some dark nail polish to fit my mood was necessary.

I will be honest, I had never heard of ManGlaze until recently when I started seeing other bloggers post about a fabulous hot pink called "Fuck Off and Dye." I knew I needed to know more about a ballsy company that would name a polish that! I discovered that ManGlaze makes only Matte nail polishes and was actually one of the first to do so! So I clearly went online and ordered not one, but five of them. I received my haul on Monday and had to take it for a test drive! Here are pictures of my ManGlaze haul:

I received Royal Matterimoaning, Matte is Murder, Hot Mess, Fuggen Ugly and Fuck Off and Dye. I am absolutely in love with the bottles which are like mini pieces of art! I decided for my first ManGlaze swatch, I'd try Matte is Murder. Here are pictures of one coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails with two coats of Matte is Murder for maximum opacity. I took two pictures to try to capture as much of the amazing bottles as I could:

Isn't the bottle great? I love the color, it's a pretty dark black with a hint of rainbow shimmer in it that you can really see before it dries. Here is the color description from the ManGlaze website where you can buy the polishes:

Our Revised Black Matte Nail Polish is Now More Awful than our Original! It comes wrapped in 2 different pieces of art designed by UK artist and heartthrob JASON ATOMIC! The art features either his talented yet severed hand or his muse, Suicide Girl MANKO! We pick unless you buy 2.

I got the bottle with Suicide Girl Manko and I love it! After wearing it for a day on Monday, I wanted to try out their silver bling topcoat Hot Mess and also see how Matte is Murder would look with a top coat. Here it is!

The bottle is great on Hot Mess and while I like that you can see the shimmer more on Matte is Murder with the top coat, I prefer it matte. Here is the description from the website for Hot Mess:

(AKA FishDicks) The glossy destroying powers of Matte-Astrophe but with a stupidly evil amount of glistening bling. Put this over any color and drool.
Hell ain't so bad art created yet again
by Joe Simko!

Whew! Sorry for such a long post, I just adore these polishes and the bottles and everything about the company! ManGlaze polishes run for either $6.66 or $13.13 a bottle depending on the color. I highly recommend these!

Have you ever tried ManGlaze? What's your favorite color? Are you a fan of matte polishes or do you prefer glossy? Does your nail polish match your mood?


  1. I haven't seen ManGlaze get much love (besides Fuck Off and Dye), so I'm glad you have! One of these days I will own them and I will do a massive post about their awesomeness! :)

  2. @Theresa - Thanks!

    @thenailaholic - I can't recommend these polishes enough! So cute, great packaging, great formula! I can't wait for them to come out with more colors!

  3. oooo lucky you! great haul :D how long did it take for them to mail it to you?

  4. @Belle - I had the polishes in about 5 days! I am so addicted to them! Wearing "Fuggen Ugly" right now!


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