Monday, June 27, 2011

NYC Gay Pride Parade - Rainbow Nails and Sparkles!

Yesterday was the Gay Pride Parade in New York City, and considering the gay marriage bill just passed last week, the timing could not have been better! In honor of the parade, I did a rainbow manicure with a bit of spunk! Here are the polishes I used:

From left to right: Essie First Dance, China Glaze Japanese China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada, Nfu-Oh 65, OPI Funky Donkey and OPI Servin' Up Sparkle.

Ok so first, I did my Seche Vite Ridge Filling Base Coat. Then I put two coats of Wet and Wild White Creme on my pointer and middle fingers since I knew I was using neons and really wanted them to pop. Then I did two coats of each color, starting with red on my thumb to purple on my pinkie.

Since I love my holos, I decided to do my ring finger in Nfu-Oh 65, a gorgeous holographic blue! Once I had all the colors on, I decided that I wanted to make all but the ring fingers matte (can't take away the holo).

But the matte wasn't exciting enough for me so I decided to try out my new sparkle, OPI Servin' Up Sparkle! It's gorgeous! It looks like a dupe for China Glaze Techno but I'll do a comparisson this week and let you all know! Here is the finished product:

So I had rainbow sparkly nails for Pride and I loved it! Hope you all enjoyed!

Did anyone else go to a Pride parade this year?


  1. So perfect! It just wouldn't have been right without the glitter, I'm so glad you reconsidered!

  2. hoping to go to the toronto one haha great glitter!

  3. Gorgeous with all the glitter !


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