Friday, June 3, 2011

OPI Haul! Shatters and a Bit of Texas! Plus a Broken Foot!

Hello my fellow Lacquered Lovers! Sorry, no swatches today, but I swear I have a good excuse! I finally went to the doctor yesterday because I've been having intense pain in my left foot since Sunday, and it turns out I broke not one, but TWO bones! Wah! I have to be in a boot for the next 4-6 weeks until they heal and I can walk like a regular person again! NOT happy!

However I did get a nice surprise when I came to work this morning in that FIVE new OPI polishes that I ordered had shown up when I was at my doctor's appointment! I only have my blackberry with me so forgive the crappy picture but I figured I would share and let you know what you'll be seeing when I spend my Saturday with my foot up and swatching!

Across the top is Blue Shatter, Austin-Tatious Turquoise (from the Texas Collection) and Turquoise Shatter. On the bottom is the Serena Glam Slam set that was released for the French Open which has a very sparkly gold Spark de Triomphe and White Shatter. I only got one polish from the Texas Collection because I already have the chocolate brown Suzi Loves Cowboys and the rest just didn't jump out to me or I have dupes!

I'm hoping for the best with the new OPI Shatter's because I'm still having issues with Silver Shatter but fingers crossed for the blue, turquoise and white!

Has anyone tried the newer OPI Shatter polishes yet? What do you think of them? Any color combinations you'd like to see with either the blue, turquois or white shatter? Which would you like to see first?

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