Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OPI Katy Perry Collection

Ok so I know it's Pink Wednesday however there ARE 2 pinks in this collection! I was going to show off one of my new pink holos but my computer was not cooperating! So, instead I will give you a slightly older collection,the OPI Katy Perry Collection. I bought this as a mini collection and only recently added the Black Shatter to it (originally had China Glaze Black Mesh but decided I wanted to try the OPI as well.) Here we go!

To start with, here are all my minis. I no longer have the packaging but from left to right they are: Last Friday Night, The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream and Not Like the Movies. OPI Minis are REALLY mini, but just so cute that I can't resist them!

Here is Last Friday Night both with and without flash. It is a very sheer blue base packed with blue, pink and silver glitter. I did three coats of Last Friday Night and it's still very sheer. I think this color would be best over a brighter blue because it just doesn't do much for my skin tone on its own.

The One That Got Away is a gorgeous dark pink, almost raspberry color with a glass fleck finish that is just beautiful. I'm not much of a pink girl and I loved this! This was three coats, but with a normal sized bottle I could have gotten away with two. The flecks really make the polish have depth and vibrancy.

Above is Teenage Dream both with and without flash. This is basically a pink version of Last Friday Night but since it's pink based, it looks better on the nails. This is three coats and there is absolutely a visible nail line. You have to be careful with the glitters because if you don't let them dry, it ends up dragging the glitter around and making bald spots! I thought this might be nice over The One That Got Away since I prefer using sheer glitters over a complimentary color.

I actually really liked this combination! It made the dark pink sparkle much more and was just very pretty.

I saved my favorite for last. Not Like the Movies was so awesome that I bought a full sized bottle! It's a grey/almost lavender base that has flashes of red, purple and green in it. It's like a trichome, since a duochrome isn't enough to describe this! There is a very subtle shimmer to this as well and it's one of those colors that is impossible to capture with a camera. Needless to say, this is a must have color for me!

Finally, I wanted to see how the shatter looked over all of them but didn't want to wait for each one to dry so I painted each nail a different color to show the effect. Here is it first without and then with Black Shatter.

From pointer to pinky - Not Like The Movies, Teenage Dream, The One That Got Away, Last Friday Night.

LOVE it! I'd say for me, the only must have was Not Like the Movies however I'm happy to have a mini of The One That Got Away in my collection for when I feel like a deep pink.

What did you all think of the Katy Perry Collection? Any hits or misses?


  1. I love them all :) However, I bought the dupes for Not Like The Movies and Last Friday Night

  2. I love this collection! ♥
    Tagged you for a blog award.

  3. i love all the shatters heheeee
    my fave is the teenage dream!

  4. I love them all with the black shatter on top!

  5. Thanks ladies! They are all great with the shatter, but then again I think EVERYTHING is great with shatter!


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