Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OPI Mermaid's Tears with Black Shatter and Silver Shatter

I have to admit that I was not in love with the new OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection that came out this spring with the exception of the Silver Shatter. I ordered the 4 mini's because I have an addiction to nail polish but after seeing other fabulous bloggers swatches, I decided I really wanted to try Mermaid's Tears. I do love anything green and at first I thought this might be a dupe for Essie Turquoise and Caicos, however Mermaid's Tears is definitely less blue.

The application was very smooth on this one like most OPI Creams are and this is just two coats for full coverage:

In the pictures Mermaid's Tears is coming out even more of a mint green when in actuality the color is a bit darker and more dusty. Stupid flash! I can't wait to get my new camera! Anyway, in the batch I ordered online that had Mermaid's Tears, I also got a new bottle of Silver Shatter (since my old one was not shattering) and I wanted to try Black Shatter to see how it compared to China Glaze Black Mesh. Since this was just a "for swatching" manicure and not for going out in the real world, I decided to do every other finger a different Shatter:

I have to say that both of these shatters were amazing! After waiting about half an hour to dry with just Mermaid's Tears (about 10 minutes of that sitting in front of my newly installed Air Conditioner) I applied one fairly thin coat of each color on every other finger. I loved the crackles! These worked extremely well and then I put a coat of Seche Vite over it to give it some shine. Here are some more pictures and a close up of two nails:

All three of these colors are definite must haves for me now. I'm so glad the new Silver Shatter worked, the Black Shatter just has a great formula and I love the shade of Mermaid's Tears! OPI Polishes generally run around $8.00 a bottle and their Shatter colors between $10 and $12.

Do you like the Silver Shatter better with a lighter or darker color underneath? Do you have any polishes from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection? Which are your favorites?


  1. Very pretty! Both shatters look fantastic with mermaid's tears :)

  2. Thanks! I think I may love how the black shatter looks even more than the silver because of the contrast!

  3. omgomg i love the mermaid's tears
    you're making me crave for that light teal <3

  4. I'm a huge fan of it! I really wasn't into that entire collection but was pleasantly surprised by Mermaid's Tears!


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