Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Mini Set

OK I've had these swatches for awhile but I just got so excited by all my other nail polish (a problem I frequently have) I haven't posted them yet! I figure since my giveaway that ends Friday (Enter HERE) includes this same mini pack (in a brand new version of course) I should show them off to you all! The giveaway also includes the Silver Shatter which is shown here as well! All pictures are one coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and two coats of the color.

First up is Skull and Glossbones, which is a light grey with a hint of green:

Next up is Planks a Lot, a gorgeous darker lavender with a bit of dustiness to it:

Now is Sparrow Me The Drama, a medium pink shade with a bit of murkiness:

And last but not least, Stranger Tides, a murky pale green.

Last, I wanted to show how each color lookes with the Silver Shatter, so here they are plain and then with shatter. Sorry for the not so great picture quality, this is before I got my new camera that captures colors perfectly!

So that's the collection! I already swatched Mermaid's Tears a few weeks ago which you can find
HERE. Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway that ends Friday!

Do you love this collection? What are your thoughts on Silver Shatter?


  1. Mmmmm I just love this collection!! I am still on the hunt for Mermaid's Tears, I can't find it anywhere!

  2. I'm hoping that the salon I pick up OPI from still has these sets when they're marking things down. I don't want the whole set because I have the big versions of Planks a Lot and Sparrow Me the Drama, but I don't want the full size Skull and Glossbones or Stranger Tides lol

  3. This is a very pretty collection and I need to start wearing them :)

  4. can't wait for your giveaway - hope i win :D hahah

  5. Oh wow I saw the bottles of it and didnt think much of it, but now on the nail I feel I must buy Sparrow me the drama!! Such a gorgeous shade!

  6. Thanks ladies! I think I need to get a full size of Planks a Lot because I love it and don't think I have a dupe!

  7. I loved this collection. I'm so glad I got each and every polish. And I don't even like POTC!


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