Monday, June 6, 2011

OPI Spark De Triomphe and White Shatter

Sorry for the delay in blogging this weekend but I was spending it resting my broken foot and swatching a TON of new nail polishes and shatters! So get ready for some fun stuff! But first, a picture of my giant boot I have to wear to fix my foot!

Now that my foot is out of the way, I give you OPI Serena Glam Slam French Open duo!!! I picked this up last week in my big haul last week. I'm not a huge fan of white shatter (I already own China Glaze Lightening Bolt and have only used it once since it looks kind of like white out that cracked) but I really wanted Spark De Triomphe and figured I'd give OPI Shatter's another chance. I have to say, I am obsessed with Spark De Triomphe!

Look at that gorgeous gold! Glitter of all different sizes, it's just so sparkly and glittery and blingy!

The above picture is 3 coats of Spark De Triomphe. The visible nail line is not as visible in real life, but the flash from the camera makes it stand out more. I used a coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails under the three coats of Sparke De Triomphe and it is pretty smooth going on considering how much glitter is in it. Here is another picture:

Such a gorgeous color! I can't say how much I love it enought! Now here it is with the White Shatter that came in the duo:

I actually liked this a lot! I used a coat of Seche Vite over it to make it shiny and to dry fast and the white wasn't bad! I think I'd like to try Sparke De Triomphe with the Red Shatter or a Blue Shatted to see if I like the contrast more, so I'll try to do that and get pictures up of it this week! Here are a few more pictures of White Shatter over Spark De Triomphe:

A close up:

OPI Spark De Triomphe and White Shatter duo is now available online and in stores where OPI is sold. I personally found this duo online for about $12 but generally their duos are between $15 and $18 for those involving Shatters. I highly recommend this due because Spark De Triomphe is definitely my new favorite gold and the White Shatter is actually pretty interesting! I can't wait to try it over other colors!

What do you think of White Shatter? Does anyone else have this combination? What colors would you like to see under the White Shatter?


  1. I think this is such a good pairing! I've been experimenting with various color combos and I really like tone on tone colors with the crackles. They're a lot of fun!
    Girl, I remember the boot when hubby broke his leg for the third time. It's better than a cast, I think though! Gives you a bit more freedom.

  2. Thanks Nicole! I have so much fun playing with Crackles!

    And yes, the boot is definitely better than a cast and crutches, I'm just a bit cranky about it!


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