Monday, June 13, 2011

OPI Texas Collection (Well, Some of Them!) PIC HEAVY!

Ok my fellow lacquerheads, time to start posting about all the polishes I bought/swatched recently! When OPI came out with the Texas Collection, I wasn't in love with it and had been spending way too much money on nail polishes at the time to get any of the colors. However as I saw more and more colors, I started to want them more and finally broke and bought three of them: Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear?, Austin-Tatious Turquois and Suzi Loves Cowboys. Get ready because there are a lot of pictures about to come your way! (and I apologize in advance for any messy cuticles, I was trying to get a ton done in a day and ended up being a bit messy!)

First up is Austin-Tatious Turquoise! This color is a gorgeous turquoise and coincidentally almost the same shade in the bottle as Turquoise Shatter. The formula is a bit thin and I did 3 coats on every nail in order to make it more opaque. Here it is first with the flash and second without:

I wish the formula was a bit more thick, but I love the shimmer to this polish and the slight gold and silver hints of sparkle.

Lastly, just for fun, I decided to put a matte top coat (Essie) on my second and ring finger just to see how it looks. I love the shimmer matte!

Next up is Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear?

This is a bright orange and what OPI calls a "sorbet" finish, which really is just their term for a jelly. It's super sheer and really has to be built up. To show how sheer it is, I only did two coats. In all fairness the visible nail line is always more apparent in pictures, but it was very apparent in real life:

I am very on the fence when it comes to jelly or "sorbet" polishes. I love the squishy look, but I HATE it when I have visible nail lines. I think I'm going to try to layer this polish over white and over an opaque pink and see how it comes out. I will report back with details! I adore this shade of orange, I just think the formula was too thin, so hopefully I can salvage it!

Lastly, I have Suzi Loves Cowboys, a gorgeous brown cream:

I cannot praise this polish enough! A perfect, chocolate brown cream. It's seriously the color of a Hershey's chocolate bar! This color is amazing for fall/winter or with some sparkle or colored shatter added on top! I'm in love! Here are some swatches of it on my nails:

All in all, I will say I liked the polishes I got from the collection. Austin-Tatious Turquiose can be built up easily enough, I loved Suzi Loves Cowboys and love the shade on Y'All Come Back Now Ya Hear, even though I'll have to find a better way to use it!

Anyone out there have any polishes from the Texas Collection? Any other ones you'd recommend buying? What are your thoughts on the "sorbet" finish?


  1. I LOVE jellys! Especially the pink OPI sorbets. OMG I am in love!

  2. @thenailaholic - I want to love them so badly but I can't stand the visible nail line! Do you just do a ton of layers or do you not care if some line shows through?

  3. i also like the glitter matte
    the brown is my fave <3 great swatch!

  4. @Belle - my new obsession is making shimmers into matte's! They are just so gorgeous!


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