Monday, June 20, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Kitty Kitty

Hello my lacquered lovers! So sorry I was radio silent this weekend but seeing as today is my birthday, I was out celebrating! Broken foot and all, I had a blast with my friends and seeing a concert and just having some general "last few days of being 25" awesomeness. So, since today is my actual 26th birthday, I wanted something pretty awesome on my nails. Luckily my amazing friend Bari got me SIX mini Color Club polishes for my birthday AND the Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Kitty Kitty. I hadn't tried any of the effects yet, and I figure that leopard nails is a great way to ring in this year!

Until I got the hang of it, these were a bit tricky for me, but basically it is a strip of nail polish that you pick the right size (they have 16 sizes to choose from in a pack so you can make it work for any nail size)and smooth it over a completely clean nail and then cut off/file the excess! On a few of the bigger nails like the middle finger and the thumb it was hard to make the stickers lay completely flat, but since it is a pattern I'm pretty sure the little mistakes are only noticeable to me.

They were a bit frustrating to get the hang of and I found I was googling tips on how to make it easier. The best one was to warm the strip in your hand before trying to use it because it makes it more pliable, and to cut the excess off before folding it over the nail and filing it down.

All in all, I love these! Now that I know how to do them, the application process will be MUCH easier. I just know my NADD (Nail Attention Deficit Disorder)will prevent me from wearing these for 10 days (as they claim to last for) and spending 10 bucks for a day or two seems like a lot, however for a special event I think these are super cute! Or if you are capable of keeping polish on for more than 36 hours I'm sure these would be great! I also have the fishnet design at home and am looking to find the zebra! Sally Hansen Salon Effects generally run for $9.99 in most drugstores.

What do you guys think of Salon Effects? Any tips or tricks for using them? What is your favorite design?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Salon Effects!!! I've used the "Laced Up" pattern twice and it was super easy to apply and lasted about a week.AND I ONLY USED 5 STRIPS!!The only drawback is that once u open the foil packet they come in,the leftover strips are unusable.I've got it down to a science, and if they could just put 5 strips in each foil packet,then it would be well worth the price.

  2. Michele - now that I know how to use it I think I can get away with the 5 strips! Thanks so much for the idea and tips!

  3. They look awesome!! Wear them well! May all your birthday and nail polish wishes come true :)

    xoxox - Ba

  4. Happy happy birthday! I love this pattern, it looks a lot better than some of the others! Imagine how neat this will look under shatter or something... Maybe you can get a few more days out of them :)

  5. Happy birthday! this looks so cool! I've never tried any of the effectgs yet but I want to now!

  6. @bari - thanks again for the awesome polish and the leopard!!!

    @toyomi - aren't they great? I need to get more! However they were a bit of a pain to get off!

    @thenailaholic - Thanks! They are so fun! Unfortunately (or fortunately) I received a shipment of amazing holos yesterday so I took off the leopard but I will get them again soon!

    @nailderella - I'd recommend them! Easy to put on and looks so fun!

  7. ooo hope you had a blast for your birthday :) this print is so daring i love it! my favourite one is the mesh - always pass by it wondering whether or not to getit... but i guess i should hop on thesalon effects bandwagon

    nice mani!

  8. @Belle - isn't it so cute? It was hard to get off but I think that's because of the print of the mani, but I loved it! I can't wait to try the fishnet one!


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