Monday, June 13, 2011

Updated Stash!

Ah my Lacquered loves, I feel like such a terrible blogger! I haven't posted since Friday! However, I did spend my weekend FINALLY going through all my new nail polishes (and buying a few more!) and swatching, taking pictures, and updating my spread sheet! So I just updated my Stash page on here so head over and check out my new polishes! Now I'm off to sort through the 350 pictures I took of my nails this weekend and get ready to start showing them off! I also have to give a shout out to the boyfriend for dealing with me painting my nails all weekend and for him helping me to inventory my new hauls!

I will also post pictures of my four nail polish racks when I get home tonight and show everyone how I organize them!

How do you organize your polishes? Are you a crazy person and keep a list of every polish you own like I do?


  1. I do have an excel spreadsheet of them, but I only own like 70ish....I just keep mine all thrown in a plastic bin. lol

  2. I wish I had shelves! I have drawers but I like that you can see what you have on shelves

  3. Haha you would be surprised how quickly your collection will grow! I used to have mine in a plastic bin thing and then when I had about 100 I thought the racks might look cool. Now they have taken over FOUR shelves on my bookshelf!

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