Thursday, July 28, 2011

Butter London Wallis Swatch and Review

Hello fellow Lacquered Lovers! Just a quick post today to show you the newest release from Butter London. I got this polish when I went on my "high end polish buying spree" during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. This polish is named for Wallis Simpson, the American Divorcee that King Edwards VIII abdicated the throne for! Can you imagine someone giving up royalty for you? That's pretty intense! Now, on to the polish!

Above: Wallis - 2 coats over 1 coat of Seche Vite Ridge Filler

This color is amazing. There, I said it! It's a sparkly olive with hints of gold, black, yellow and green. Absolutely stunning! I love the complexity of it, how in different lights it changes completely, and the opacity in two coats!

I love the bronze look this polish takes on under a light. I was sure that this color would look awful on my skin because of the yellow undertones but I am in love with it! I can't wait until the fall so I can do a full manicure of it! This color is definitely unique and I do not have anything even close to a dupe of it! Butter London Wallis is available exclusively at Nordstrom for the time being and is $14.00 a bottle.

What do you think of Wallis? Do you know of any dupes?


  1. I love a good green and this is a beautiful olivy colour:) Still havent bought a butter colour but if I see this may just have to buy it:)

  2. Wow, this looks like a perfect fall polish!

  3. I love this color! Reminds of me CG's Peace on Earth, but definitely more complex!

  4. oooo this is such a warm olive colour :) i love it - would love to see a dupe too for one that doesn't hurt the wallet as much lol

  5. I have to be the bad guy here-but I don't really like this color-it reminds me of RBL Anne and I didn't like that either! Sorry! But I love your blog!

  6. @Audrey - Wallis and Marrow are probably my 2 favorite Butter London colors!

    @Veronica - I can't wait to do a full mani of it this fall!

    @AbsolutelyAddicting - I don't have the CG one but I'll have to check it out!

    @B C - isn't it so pretty? Unfortunately I dont' think you'll find a dupe that is this complex!

    @Fingers - no worries! it's definitely a weird color that's not for everyone! And thanks for loving the blog!

  7. God,this is gorgeous! I love a good green,and love the story of Wallis and King Edward!


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