Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CND Effects featuring Wet and Wild Black Creme

At the end of 2010, I was a bit bored of my polish collection and wanted a way to dress up my polishes without adding glitter (I still didn't know about the tin foil method of removing glitters) so I decided to buy a bunch of CND Effects. These effects look fairly sheer in the bottle but they come in an array of colors and finishes from shimmer to sparkles and most colors you can imagine. I own 9 of them and I love them! I decided to swatch them over Wet and Wild Black Creme because I was in a bit of a rush (as you can see by the messy job I did) because it's the only one coat black polish I own. So here is Black Cream on its own:

Such a great black cream and I can't wait to try to Konad stamp with it! Now, on to the effects. First up I will show you the sparkle effects that I have:

From left to right (pointer to pinkie): Amythest Sparkle, Jade Sparkle, Crimson Sparkle, Raspberry Sparkle.

I love all of these! The Amythest Sparkle makes the black look like a blackened purple, the Jade Sparkle really shines and shimmers and almost comes out olive green, the Crimson makes the black almost a sparkly blood red and the Raspberry sparkle is a dark pink. They all look gorgeous over black.

This is Gold Sparkling and Silver Sparkling over the Black Creme. The pointer and ring fingers are Gold Sparkling and the middle and pinkie fingers are Silver Sparkling. Forgive the picture, I had trouble capturing this one. They are both suspended in a clear base and the Gold Sparkling is gold with bits of holographic glitter and the silver has more silver and less holographic glitter. Neither of these are as opaque in their coverage as the Sparkles above, but it adds a tiny bit of bling to any manicure. I'd say these are my two least favorite in the bunch but still very pretty if you want a subtle glitter.

Ring finger - Scarlet Shimmer. Middle Finger - Emerald Shimmer. Pointer finger - Ice Blue Shimmer. Wow, these effects changed the color so much! They actually look opaque! I think the Emerald Shimmer is my favorite because it's just so gorgeous but all three of these are amazing. I love how much they changed the black and really made a new nail polish! These are incredible and definitely the most full coverage of all the CND Effects.

Bottom line is that these are amazing! They really transform any color and make it something new and different and are always fun to play with over different colors to see what combinations you can come up with! I will say that darker colors work better since I tried to swatch them over white as well and they barely showed up.

What other colors besides black would you like to see the CND Effects swatched over? Which are your favorites?


  1. yummy i love the emerald :D

  2. Ohh these effects look amazing over the black! Wow oh wow, super pretty. Maybe a navy blue would a cool polish to see the effects over!

  3. Thanks ladies! Aren't they so fun? I'm obsessed!

    @Audrey - I will try it over blue! And I was thinkign a brown as well!

  4. I think they would look amazing over purples too!


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