Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Color Club Trippie Hippie and China Glaze Platinum Pieces - A Post by my Boyfriend!

Get ready all my lacquered lovers, yet another installment that was written by my amazing pedicurist/boyfriend AJ! See the pic below of us at my brother's rehearsal dinner!

Isn't he so cute??? Anyway, read below for his post!

A stormy summer weekend in the New York 'burbs led the Lacquered Lover and her sidekick, Sparkle (she recommended 'the Holographic Hottie' for a sidekick name, but I'm sticking with Sparkle), to the beauty store and every cosmetics aisle in three different drug stores in search of a nail polish fix to beat the rainy-day blues. And did we ever! Color Club's Trippie Hippie is a deep, royal blue with a mesmerizing purplish shimmer that catches in most any kind of light.

We had the material, we had the canvas, and we had the time. After putting on a few coats of Trippie Hippie (yeah, it was a few coats, it's a little streaky on its first application or so) and admiring my work, I found myself wishing that the pedicure wasn't over. With the weather outside, who said it had to be? I started thinking over Carly's massive collection of nail effects, and playing with combinations in my head. A matte wouldn't do, since we didn't necessarily want to hide the shimmer. And a holographic, we all love to get "holo-ed at" every now and then, right?

I ended up landing on the China Glaze Platinum Pieces Crackle because I liked the silver as it complemented the deep blue, I figured the difference in the sparkle of the shatter and the shimmer in the nail polish would be fairly evident, and it gave me an excuse to put another layer of nail polish on Carly's tootsies.

What do you think about that? Do you ever mess around with nail effects on a pedicure? Who does your pedicures? Speak your piece below!


  1. You two are so sweet... my guy helps me with mani ideas too x

  2. I wish my hubby would paint my toes! I just got a pedi and I'm thinking on what I could add to it. I'm thinking either China Glaze Fairy dust or a CND sparkle effect. The colour I have on is OPI Funky Dunkey

  3. LOL! you guys are so cute :)
    nice mani
    he should think about starting his own nail blog haha

  4. OMG yes, if he started his own I would totally read it!

    you two are so cute!

  5. Ha! This cracked me up. I agree, get that boy a beauty blog!

  6. WOW he is pro! tell him to get his license!! :) good work. I do my own pedi although my bf offers:) and i do a glitter top coat sometimes. i love to look down and see it shimmer in the sun:)

  7. This is perhaps the cutest blog post ever! Your bf is AWESOME!

  8. I wear closed-toe heels at work, but as soon as the clock strikes 5 I switch into flip-flops. So for me, cute toes are a must. I like something simple, like a solid color or just adding a glitter top coat.

  9. that's so sweet! wish my husband would do that lol


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