Monday, July 25, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Get This Party Started - Nordstrom Anniversary Collection (Pic Heavy!)

Ah my lovely lacquered lovers, this extremely hot weekend was spent in my nice, cool apartment (isn't air conditioning a great invention) swatching all my new nail polishes! Brace yourself for lots of picture heavy collections and new brands this week! I figured I'd start off with the newest Deborah Lippmann collection since I absolutely adore her glitters (plus I love that her polishes are named after songs) and was super excited to get this set!

The Get This Party Started set includes three polishes. The first is Happy Birthday which is an older Deborah Lippmann but one I don't own. My fabulous boyfriend tried to buy it for me for my birthday this year but it was sold out so he got me Milani Gems instead and it's practically a dupe! However since I wanted the other two polishes, I certainly wouldn't say no to Happy Birthday. It's also good to have for comparissons since both Forget You and Candy Shop from this collection are based on Happy Birthday with the same colors and shapes of glitters just in different bases.

Above: Happy Birthday - 1 Coat over Seche Vite Ridge Filler

Above: Happy Birthday - 2 Coasts over Seche Vite Ridge Filler

Happy Birthday is a clear base jam packed with multi-colored glitter in different sizes. Now there are definitely a lot of dupes out there like Milani Gems, however I think Happy Birthday has more glitter packed into it. I've worked with Deborah Lippmann glitters before so I definitely waited a few mintues between coats because if you don't, it just pushes the glitter around on the nail and makes it a mess, but if you wait for the first coat to dry a bit then the second coat will just glide over it. I love this polish and it would be great for layering over almost any color! I'd love to see it over a red or green during the winter holidays because it's just incredibly festive!

Above - Candy Shop - 1 Coat Over Seche Vite Ridge Filler

Above: Candy Shop - 2 Coats over Seche Vite Ridge Filler

Ah Candy Shop, you were my least favorite when I first saw the promos, but now, I love you. Anyone who follows this blog knows I am NOT a fan of pinks. However how can you hate on this adorable bubblegum pink that's littered with the same glitters as Happy Birthday? You can't look at this polish without grinning because it's just so cute! It's girly and bright and the glitter really makes it look multi-dimensional. Like Happy Birthday, this needed two coats and it really got very opaque at that point, no real visible nail line even though the pink is a bit jelly like and the glitter really shines through. This color would be perfect for spring or summer. Just be careful to let the first layer fully dry before doing a second coat, because I did not and had some drag on my nails.

Above: Forget You - One Coat over Seche Vite Ridge Filler

Above: Forget You - Two Coats over Seche Vite Ridge Filler

Forget You? Not a chance. This polish is divine and might have beaten out Bad Romance and Across the Universe as my favorite Deborah Lippmann polishes. Forget You takes the same glitters from Happy Birthday and puts it into a black jelly. It's just stunning. So festive, could absolutely be worn year round and very "blingy!" Looking at the pictures again now, I'm sad I didn't do a full manicure of it, that's how much I love it! Like the others in this collection, Forget You needed two coats to get rid of the visible nail line and you must let the first coat dry before starting the second coat to avoid drag.

Bottom line is that I'm in love with this collection! This collection can be bought at Nordstroms either in store or online for $40. Happy Birthday is the only one from this collection that is available on its own for now but the rest should be available by the holiday season.

What do you think of this collection? Any must haves for you? What are your favorite glitters?


  1. I am tagging you for a Sunshine Award in tomorrow's post if you are interested. I love your blog and you are on my blogroll!

  2. I am so jealous! I want to buy the anniversary set but can't bring myself to do it just yet! I own Happy Birthday already but could use another one! I'm in love with Candy Shop and Forget You is definitely growing on me. The more people that swatch Forget You the more I like it.

  3. I'm liking Candy Shop, but if I ever get it it'll be separate from the other two

  4. Wow, I really like Candy Shop, it's so pretty! :D

  5. I love Candy Shop. Forget You is nice but I don't rock black polish very often...

  6. Thanks ladies! I honestly love all three of these, they are just so fun! I highly recommend them to all!

  7. I really want to get that party started

  8. I may have to do a full manicure with Forget You this week, that's how much I love it and keep looking at the pics!


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