Monday, July 18, 2011

Glitter! SOPI Spark-tacular over OPI Pamplona Purple and Zoya Marley

Good morning Lacquered Lovers! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I was away with my girlfriends at the beach and had a blast! I had my fishnet nails on which I will post about later, but first, I wanted to show off my new sparkle manicure! Please forgive the fact that I didn't clean it up and that the pictures aren't the best, I was so exhuasted I didn't realize how bad the pics are so don't judge me!

To begin with, I did one coat of Seche Vite Ridge Filler and then two coats of OPI Pamplona Purple on every nail except the ring fingers which has two coats of Zoya Marley. Pamplona Purple was from the 2009 Spain Collection and it's a gorgeous purple cream, fully opaque in 2 coats. In some of my pictures it comes off a bit more pink but there is definitely more blue to it in real life. Marley on the other hand is a lavender that definitely leans a bit more towards pink with a silver bluish shimmer to it. The formula is a bit sheer and if I wasn't layering it, I would have done a third coat. This color is great for springtime and came from the Intimate Collection.

Now, time for the sparkle:

This is Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular top coat. It is amazing! Similar but certainly different enough to warrant both than Milani Gems which you can see my swatches of here. Spark-tacular has all different colors like gold, silver, purple, green, copper, etc. This is just ONE coat of it too! If you want more of a glitter bomb, just add more coats! Here are some more pictures:

I absolutely adore Spark-tacular. I will have to see how removal goes, but I think it just looks gorgeous!

What's your favorite glitter?


  1. Oh, I'm loving the blingy nails!

  2. purple + glitter *thumbs up*

  3. Pamplona Purple looks gorgeous on you,and the sparktacular top coat is so blingy!

  4. Thanks ladies! I highly recommend getting this top coat because the sparkles are so amazing, I left it on for 2 days! Usually I change them every day!


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