Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Misbehaved

This is actually my third review of Sally Hanson Salon Effects. You can read my reviews of Kitty Kitty here and my review of Girl Flower here. Todays post is about Misbehaved, which was actually the first Salon Effects pattern that caught my eye.

Misbehaved is a champagne/gold background with a black fishnet design over it. I was going to the beach last weekend when I tried this so I figured that it would match a lot of my outfits plus it would last longer than my normal manicures!

I wish I had taken pictures in the sun but I was in a rush to leave my apartment the morning after I put these nail polish strips on. The gold colors really shone through and gave my nails an amazing sheen. On the ferry to Fire Island I had three women ask me about my nails! They all loved it and wanted to know how I did it and were so excited when I told them that they could buy it in a drugstore!

The only issues I had with this application were that I had a slight fold/crease on two of my nails however part of that was my fault for not warming the strips up before applying them to make them more flexible. As much as I really wanted to do the 10 day challenge for you all, alas I wanted to swatch other polishes so I only made it 4 days. However in those four days my nails still looked perfect with just a tiny bit of tipwear that was easily fixed by filing my nails! Now, since I never really gave tips on how to do these properly, here are Carly's tips for putting on Sally Hansen Salon Effects:

* Make sure you read the directions that come in the box before you start.
* Use nail polish remover to clean off your nails, file your nails to your desired length and shape and wash your hands before you start so everything is ready to go.
* Only open one foil packet at a time (8 strips) because if you have smaller hands like me, you can get away with only using one packet and reusing the other strips another time!
* Warm the strip in your hand before you apply it, it will make it stick to your nails easier and be more flexible so you don't get bumps or folds.
* If you are choosing between two sizes, pick the larger and use the cuticle stick to get rid of the excess polish.
* Don't try to rip the excess polish off the top of your nail. Use a scissor and leave a bit to fold over the tip of your nail and then use the file to file it down. This reduced tip wear.

All in all, I love Sally Hansen Salon Effects. For someone like me who can't do nail art they are amazing! I have yet to try any of the neons or glitters (but I will soon) and I just love all the options. Plus they are amazing for when you go on vacation and can't do your nails for any length of time or if you're not afflicted with NADD (Nail Attention Deficit Disorder) like I am.

What do you all think of the Salon Effects? Have you tried any? Any prints in particular you'd like to try?

DISCLOSURE: this product was sent to me for review by Sally Hansen. For more information on my disclosure policy, please go here.


  1. Wow, these are gorgeous on you!

  2. I'm loving this one. I would probably only wear them for a wedding or vacation or something though. I can't spend so much on ONE manicure. Seems like a waste to me. They WOULD be great for a long vacation if I didn't want to repaint my nails!

  3. @Veronica - thanks!

    @ALY - I loved them!

    @Liz - definitely try and report back when you do!

    @thenailaholic - Well I figure I can get 2 uses out of one pack, so it's about 5 bucks each which is still less then I'd pay for a professional manicure! And yes, 4 days with it on was rough but I kept getting compliments on them so that always helps!

  4. This looks good on you ! (: I might try this .

  5. ooo i'm so glad you did a review for this design specifically because that's the one that caught my attention as well :D

    i should try this through a MOVING job throughout the ten days - that will really test it haha

  6. I hardcore need your help. I bought these and tried to put them on myself and they looked so bad. i clearly do not have the skillz

  7. WOW!!! Love, Love, LOVE it!!!! Can't wait to purchase. I will be the envy of of the girls at the Ball!

  8. Thanks for the tips on using these! I've been wanting to try these for a special occasion and now I feel a little more confident to go through with it. =)


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