Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zoya Ivanka and Apple - Layering!

First things first, I got my boot off my broken foot today! Yay! I have to be in sneakers for a few weeks but after spending 6 weeks in a giant boot up to my knee, this is awesome! And just in time for me to go on vacation this weekend!

Now, on to nail polish! I love Zoya nail polishes. I think they are just great colors, great formulas and I'm obsessed! I have over 30 in my collection now! However, I did have one I had never swatched! Zoya Ivanka from the Sparkle collection. I'd say this color is a bit lighter than an emerald but has this great combination of foil and glass fleck for the finish. It's sparkly and bright and gorgeous! It's a bit sheer, however the picture I have with the flash below makes the visible nail line much more noticable than it is in person. Here is two coats over Sally Hansen Hard as Nails:

Without Flash above

With Flash Above

Gorgeous green! I don't know why I waited so long to swatch this, but I loved it! I thought I could use a third coat of polish, but I felt like layering so I picked another gorgeous green I have, Zoya Apple from the Sunshine Collection. Apple is basically the exact color of green apples (perfect name choice) with a very strong gold shimmer in it. It's light and bright and gorgeous. So I decided to put a layer of Apple over Ivanka to see how it turned out:

Without Flash Above

With Flash Above

As you can see, Apple added a bit of brightness to Ivanka. While these colors are similar, they are definitely not dupes. Ivanka is a deeper green with more of a blue base while Apple is a lighter green and has more of a yellow/gold base. Here they are side by side:

Ivanka is on the left and Apple is on the right.

All in all, I LOVE these colors! While the formula is a bit sheer (as are most glass fleck finishes) it builds up to opaque in three coats and dries smooth. I love how layering Apple over Ivanka gives it a gold sheen!

What are your favorite glass fleck polishes? Have you layered any Zoya glass fleck polishes? What's your favorite combination?


  1. Ok that's it - I NEED Ivanka - so pretty together!

  2. Very pretty Colors! Will have to try one or the other ! or both! Thank You!

  3. Very nice! (PS I'm loving how you organize your polishes... Mine are a mess! The numbers must helps TONS!)

  4. Thanks ladies! They are both such awesome colors, and you can win Ivanka in my new giveaway!

    @thenailaholic - the numbers are really for my nail wheels where I have everythign swatched and it corresponds to my spreadsheet! Really helps!


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