Wednesday, August 10, 2011

China Glaze Metro Collection Featuring Skyscraper and CG in the City Swatches and Review

Good afternoon lacquered lovers! Today, I have a little piece of the China Glaze Metro Collection. For the most part this fall, I wasn't really wow'd by any of the collections, each one had just a handful I was interested in. For China Glaze, it was a few of the sparkles! Now I didn't get Midtown Magic and I may have to go hunt it down because I love the swatches I have been seeing, but the two I did get are Skyscraper and CG in the City. On to the review!

Above: Skyscraper - 3 coats over 1 coat Seche Base

I'll say it. I'm in love with Skyscraper. It's a gorgeous dark blue base that is packed with blue and silver glitter. It was a tad bit thick (but sheer at the same time hence the 3 coats) but as long as I let each coat try for a few minutes before doing the next one, it didn't pull or make any bald spots. I think I'd like to use this over a navy blue because then I could only do one coat of the sparkles and get a similar effect but I think this color is stunning! I love how glittery it is and how the silver and blue really come through!

Above: CG in the City - 3 coats over 1 coat Seche Base

I really should have swatched this over a color. CG in the city is purple, gold, silver and bronze glitter in a clear base. Meh. Over a color I think this would be gorgeous, but even with three coats I still have major visible nail line which drives me nuts. It is packed with glitter so over a color like black or a dark purple I think it would be gorgeous, but on its own, I was a bit disappointed!

All in all, if you're a glitter fan (and don't mind the removal that comes with that) then these polishes are great. Skyscraper was a must have and I'll try to swatch CG in the City over a few colors to see if I like it better so the verdict is out on that one.

Did you try any of the Metro Collection? Which are your favorites? What color would you like to see CG in the City swatched over?


  1. I am not a glitter fan so these do nothing for me! I did get 6 of the cremes but haven't tried them all yet!

  2. I love glitter!!!! I will have to check those out!

  3. I HAD to have skyscraper and am also loving it now that I got it!

  4. I tagged you in an blogger award. My blog is called Nailin' It : )

  5. Thanks ladies! I really love Skyscraper and am excited to try CG in the City over some other colors because I think it'll look really cool over a grey, purple or black!

  6. I want both of these! They are beautiful!
    I tagged you for an award in my blog post!


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