Monday, August 1, 2011

CND Effects in Copper Pearl and Sapphire Sparkling

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers! So this morning I showed you the first part of my CND post HERE and now I give you my new color effects! I did a post on the color effects I already have last week which you can see here however I have never tried their "pearl" effects and was missing Sapphire Sparkling! In order to show you how much the effects change the polishes they go over, I will be showing you them over the 4 neutral CND polishes I had bought a few months ago:

From left to right: Asphalt, Blackjack, Perfectly Bare, Raisin in the Sun

Top to bottom: Asphalt, Blackjack, Perfectly Bare, Raisin in the Sun (all 2 coats)

Ah such pretty neutral colors! I love all of these because they are almost opaque in one coat and all have a wonderful formula. Now, on to the effects!

Copper Pearl - 1 coat on top of 2 coats of cream polishes

I will be honest, I had low expectations for this color. I'm generally not a huge fan of a pearl finish and copper pearl sounded kind of weird to me. However I was extremely surprised at how much I loved this color! It almost gave the darker polishes a reddish/purplish tone and shimmer that was exquisite! I absolutely love the duochrome quality that came through after adding Copper Pearl to the colors, and really need to try it over a blue or purple to see if it will really make it pop!

Sapphire Sparkling - 1 coat over 2 coats of cream polish

Sapphire Sparkling was actually kind of a hard to find for me! I wanted it when I bought all my other effects but the company I bought from was out and I haven't been able to get it since! So I was so excited when this showed up in my package! It's exactly as gorgeous as I thought. Tiny blue sparkles that make any color just light up. I love the shade of blue when the light hits it, almost a perfect royal blue and it looks gorgeous layered over basically any color! This may be my favorite effect now!

All in all, I love both of these! There aren't any effects I don't like, but both of these were gorgeous! I am very happy to be surprised by the gorgeous Copper Pearl and am so happy to finally own Sapphire Sparkling to play with!

Which are your favorite CND effects?

DISCLOSURE: this product (just the color effects) was sent to me for review. For more information on my disclosure policy, please go HERE


  1. compare sapphire sparkle to your new DVD! i have a feeling they are dupes or close to it!!

  2. Whoah this is a sensational collection!! I really love the effects polishes - need to go rooting for these now ;)

  3. wow love the copper pearl effect!!

  4. I love the copper pearl! Such a pretty finish to it:D

  5. Wow these are cool-I need to try CND!

  6. @rebecca - I will try that! I think DVD has a lot more purple to it but I will try and post it up!

    @serendipitously.create - The effects are amazing! Highly recommend them!

    @NotesandNails - Isn't it so pretty?

    @Audrey - I was not expecting to like it but I loved it!

    @Fingers - definitely try CND! They are a great brand!

  7. WOW! What a big difference. These are amazing.


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