Monday, August 1, 2011

CND Electric Purple & CND Tropic Coral Swatches and Review

Happy Monday fellow lacquered lovers! Have I got some interesting stuff for you this week! First of all, for the first time, you'll be seeing my right hand swatched instead of my left! Unfortunately I broke my left ring fingernail very badly so I decided to try out my right hand instead! I apologize in advance for any slightly messier applications or for my pictures being a bit wonky due to taking them with my left hand! The second exciting thing is that today's post will be a two part post! This morning you will get to see my new CND colors and this afternoon my new CND effects!

Now, on to the polishes!

Above: Electric Purple - 2 coats over 1 coat of OPI Nail Envy

First up is CND Electric Purple. I cannot say enough amazing things about this color! First of all, it's bright purple, and I love purple polishes! It's not too blue like many purples can lean. It's slightly lighter than my former favorite purple OPI Funky Donkey but for a spring or summer purple, Electric Purple is definitely now in the running for top 3 purples I won! The second amazing thing about this polish is that it was virtually opaque in one coat! I added a second just to cover up a bit of cuticle drag, but honestly, it wasn't really necessary! This polish is a gorgeous purple, I surprisingly don't have any dupes in my collection (although in all fairness I have mostly shimmers and glitters when it comes to purple) and the application was fabulous!

Above: Tropic Coral - 2 coats over 1 coat OPI Nail Envy

Next up is Tropic Coral, a very bright coral color from CND's core collection. Now, corals/pinks are never my favorites and I would rarely buy one, however this one is pretty great! It definitely leans more towards orange than pink which made me happy. The formula on this was definitely more thin than on Electric Purple however since Tropic Coral is much brighter, getting close to a neon, this didn't surprise me. It was fully opaque in two coats like most polishes are and was not streaky at all. I really liked how bright this color is and that it's not too pink or "girly" for me!

Previously the only CND colors I had were either neutrals such as black, grey, brown and nude or the color effects but I'm really liking their brighter colors as well! The formula is great, the colors are bright and vibrant and I really love their bottle shape and brush for application! I highly recommend checking out CND (especially Electric Purple) if you don't have any in your stash! Check back later this afternoon for part two including my new CND color effects!

Do you have any CND polishes? Which are your favorite?

DISCLOSURE: this product was sent to me for review. For more information on my disclosure policy, please go HERE


  1. Cool-how did you get CND to send you free stuff?!? Am jealous of you! Am excited for our swap! CAn't wait to get Lady Godiva!

  2. BEAUTIFUL, these look amazing on you!


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