Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Earthquake in NYC? Also Color Club Chelsea Girl!

Good afternoon Lacquered Lovers! Quite the eventful day in NY today, we had an earthquake! I'm sitting at my desk and all of the sudden I feel like I'm shaking and I see the glass in front of me moving! So scary! Luckily everyone is ok and it seems there wasn't any damage or injuries but I can tell you, earthquakes are NOT fun!

So, just a quick post today (and an older picture so sorry for the crappy quality) about one of my favorite blue polishes this summer!

Above: Chelsea Girl - 2 coats over 1 coat OPI Nail Envy

Color Club Chelsea Girl is a gorgeous bright blue cream that is perfect for summer! now, as you can see, there is slight visible nail line with only two coats but with a third coat it evens out completely. It's not quite a neon but it's close enough that it's a bit sheer. I love this color for when I need a bright pop! My good friend bought me a bunch of Color Club minis for my birthday this year and this is definitely my favorite (although I may be biased since the neighborhood I live in is called Chelsea) but it's just a really fun bright summer shade!

What's your favorite Color Club? Did anyone else feel the earthquake???


  1. Glad to hear you are doing okay! Great polish!

  2. I've never experienced an earthquake, that must've been scary.

    Nevertheless, I love the polish, it's so bright and nice!

  3. Um yes it was 40 miles from my house in Virginia! Candles on the floor, pictures crooked- scary stuff!! Likin this blue

  4. Chelsea Girl is my lemming, numero uno!! Seriously the exact shade of blue polish that got me started with polish. xoxo It looks amazing on you. :)


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