Monday, August 29, 2011

My First Guest Post!

Good morning fellow Lacquered Lovers! I'm sorry I didn't post this on Friday but between an earthquake and a hurricane last week was pretty busy for us New Yorkers! Now later today I have a special Fall Collection to show you that I think you'll all love, but first I wanted to share this with you.

The amazing Caroline over at Good Lack Nail was kind enough to post my very first guest post on her blog! She asked me to pick my top 5 favorite summer polishes from this year and it was really fun to go through all my older posts and try to pick just 5! Check it out HERE! Don't forget to follow her blog because it's great!

Hope you all faired ok in the Hurricane! Luckily NY didn't get hit too hard!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! How did you get picked for a guest post? I have been wanting to do a swap guest post on my blog (meaning they post on my blog and I post on their blog), but I have no idea how it works or how to go about it? I am going to check out your post now!!!!


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