Friday, September 16, 2011

Fun Friday: Matte Week: Zoya Mod Mattes

Good afternoon my fellow Lacquered Lovers! I hope you all had a fabulous week and enjoyed seeing lots of Matte collections from me! For today's Fun Friday, I didn't really do a "fun" manicure but I am showing you some really fun colors! The Zoya Matte collection came out in the spring/summer of 2011. Now when I say these colors are bright, I mean BRIGHT! My camera couldn't quite capture the brightness of them, so whatever you see, multiply it by at least 5 times brighter! Now, on to the polish!

Above: Lolly - 2 coats over 1 coat OPI Nail Envy

First up we have Lolly. Now, as many of my readers know, I am simply not a pink person. Never have been. I own virtually no pink clothing, I don't wear pink makeup, there is no pink in my apartment. However, I have recently discovered that I do like pink nail polish as long as it's bright and matte! (See ManGlaze Fuck Off and Dye for another example.) Lolly is a HOT pink matte! It's slightly blue leaning so it looked pretty good on my skin. I love how the neon just jumps off the nail and in your face! 2 coats made it fully opaque and for a neon matte, really not streaky!

Above: Phoebe - 2 coats over 1 coat OPI Nail Envy

Ah Phoebe. Phoebe is hands down my favorite from this collection. I can't tell you how many times I wore it this summer! Phoebe is a gorgeous robin's egg blue that has a subtle shimmer to it! It's just such a flattering light blue, fully opaque in 2 coats, no streaks, no bald spots. I love it so much I might need to get a backup!

Above: Mitzi - 2 coats over 1 coat OPI Nail Envy

Oh Mitzi. I wanted to like you! I really did! I even tried to wear you as a full manicure twice. However, you don't seem to like me. You are streaky. Your color is not the neon yellow it seems to be but has a green hint to it, making you kind of ugly. And I don't mean ugly pretty like some olive greens, on me, you're just ugly. Mitzi just is not a good polish for girls like me. I really should stop buying yellow polishes but I so badly want to like them!

So, there you have it, the end of Matte Week with the Zoya Mod Matte Collection. You can buy these from Zoya's website for $8 each. I highly recommend Lolly and Phoebe, and perhaps you can pull off Mitzi better than I can!

What did you all think of matte week? Do you like the brights or darks better for mattes? Do you have any of the polishes viewed above?


  1. Love that blue, I think it is a little too bright for me though.

  2. I love Lolly! It's one of my favorite matte polish! it looks great on you!
    thanks for sharing!

  3. Oooh, blue and pink are my favorites.

  4. I saw these matte polishes the other day at Ulta. I was so tempted to buy them! They look great on your nails!

  5. I love the Zoya mattes! I have Phoebe and Lolly but not Mitzi.

  6. I love Lolly. I was not a matte fan until this year. Then I saw some come alive with a clear shine topper - now I find myself pulling out a matte topper that I never owned until this year. Some work on me - some don't!


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