Thursday, September 8, 2011

China Glaze Techno vs OPI Servin' Up Sparkle Swatches and Review

Good morning my fellow Lacquered Lovers! First off, I'm super excited today for two reasons. The first reason is that this is my 99th post! Crazy! I can't believe I've written about nail polish 99 times (and still have a LOT more to go) and thanks to all of you for reading! The second reason I'm excited is that today is Fashion Night Out in New York! I can't wait to go to Ricky's FNO party tonight (and don't forget to check out their website HERE for all sorts of fun beauty goodies and 10% off today with code FNONYC) and to go see the Color Club Mobile Truck! We'll see if we have time for any more events but not to worry, I'll have my camera with me so I can blog about it!

So in honor of this very special day, I have a super fun post! I'm calling it the "Battle of the Holographic Glitter Top Coats!" As I was re-organizing my nail polish hoard last weekend, I was looking for any dupes I might have and surprisingly, not that many! However there was one that I was curious about, so today I give you China Glaze Techno vs. OPI Servin' Up Sparkle.

I decided to swatch these over black so you could really see the sparkles pop. So I began with one coat of my trusty OPI Nail Envy topped with one coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme. Then on the pointer and ring finger (pointer is the top most finger in the picture) has one coat of China Glaze Techno and the middle and pinkie fingers (pinkie is the bottom most finger) has one coat of OPI Servin Up Sparkle. So, how do they measure up?

Both polishes have small and large pieces of silver holographic glitter suspended in a clear base. However Servin' Up Sparkle has a bit more glitter! Here are some blurry pictures to really show you the rainbow holographic effect in both:

As you can see, the fingers with OPI Servin' Up Sparkle are definitely more sparkly and have more rainbows and glitter than the fingers with China Glaze Techno. Now, you can certainly get the same effect from two coats of Techno as you do from one coat of Servin' Up Sparkle, so if you're looking to avoid dupes in your collection, definitely only one is needed and you can layer it up as desired. Here are some bottle shots:

In the bottles, they look virtually identical, it's not until it's on the nail that you can see that in Techno, the glitter, mainly the large glitter, is more sparse. All in all, they are both gorgeous if you are a glitter fan (like I clearly am) however I don't think they are both must haves. I would say that if you like your glitter more spread out than Techno is probably the glitter for you because you can have it sparse or layer it up to make it more glittery. If you love the glitter bombs, then Servin' Up Sparkle is probably the glitter top coat for you!

What do you think of these polishes? Do you have both or either? Which do you prefer? Anyone else hitting up Fashion Night Out tonight?


  1. Not to mention the ChG one is significantly cheaper than the OPI. :P Still leaning towards the OPI though.

  2. @Painting Rainbows - yes that is a great point! Techno retails anywhere from $3-$6 depending on where you find it and Servin' Up Sparkle retails for about $8!

  3. Oh how I love topcoats like this. CG Fairy Dust was the very first polish I ever bought a backup of and I will always have at least two or three such topcoats at my disposal (I think at the moment I have more like 7) because sparkles make me happy, especially in the dead of winter.

  4. I've got the INM Northern lights Hologram top coat "silver" (jeez thats a long name. But that's the best holographic topcoat ever!

  5. They are very close but I prefer OPI. It's denser and can be worn alone.
    Thanks for the comparison!!!


  6. i love the OPI Techno one ! it looks amazing !

  7. Thanks so much ladies! I think that anyone who loves holographic/glitter would love either polish!


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