Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Glitter Week! ManGlaze Mink Mittens and Hot Mess

Good Morning Lacquered Lovers! I hope you are all enjoying Glitter Week so far! Yesterday, I received the new ManGlaze polishes and was super excited so I knew I had to wear at least one before the week was up! (don't worry, a full review of them all will come next week.) So I picked the most sparkly of them all, Mink Mittens, and decided to add a little flair with their glitter top coat Hot Mess.

Above: Bottle shots of Mink Mittens

Can I just say that I love this bottle? It's probably because it says "Your Friends Are Ugly" on the back and it made me laugh. Anyway, here is the description of Mink Mittens, a "metallic plavendurpleish" according to ManGlaze:

Think of this as Hot Mess's illegitimate offspring. "You got blingy shit in my purple!" "You got purpley shit in my bling bling!" And a new star is born. You may have seen a sneaky peek of this color under the name Metal Licka at but we couldn't resist a little inside joke. We're calling this one the Mink Mitten. It's a nickname we had for the Michigan peepshow/adult novelty chain, The Velvet Touch. This is an early release so the temporary label art is something I ripped off the City of Chicago's ubiquitous rodent warning posters. We'll add some more love to the label at a later date.

Now, on to the swatches!

Above: Mink Mittens - 2 coats over 1 coat OPI Nail Envy

I am in love with this color. It's purple, it's shimmer AND it's a matte. It's like all my dreams came true in this little bottle of polish! Mink mittens is a lavender jam packed with shimmer to the point that unless you are looking really close, it doesn't even look matte! There is so much light reflecting off of it that it almost looks shiny!

Yep, I took 5 pictures of it. That's how much I loved it. The color is very flattering, the application was virtually opaque in one coat but I threw a second on for good measure, and I just adore shimmer mattes.

However I decided that the shimmer in Mink Mittens wasn't enough to warrent inclusion in Glitter Week, so I decided to try to do a french manicure with tips in Hot Mess.

Hot Mess is a matte glitter topcoat from ManGlaze that I reviewed a few moths back which you can find HERE. And since I always love their own descriptions, here is how ManGlaze describes Hot Mess:

(AKA FishDicks) The glossy destroying powers of Matte-Astrophe but with a stupidly evil amount of glistening bling. Put this over any color and drool.
Hell ain't so bad art created yet again
by Joe Simko!

I simply dabbed a bit of Hot Mess along the tips of my Mink Mittens and voila! A matte/glitter/shimmery french manicure! I think it's pretty cute!

So, all in all, I still love ManGlaze. They have yet to do wrong in my eyes. I can't wait to swatch and review the rest of the colors! And stay tuned for an extra special giveaway coming up featuring ManGlaze!

What did you think of this manicure? Are you a matte fan like I am or do you prefer shiny nails? What's your favorite ManGlaze?


  1. awesome!! I can't wait to order all the manglaze colours! I especially want Mink Mittens and ILF!

  2. Ooh, it looks great. And I love the polish' bottle. :D

  3. I need that just for the bottle it's in.

  4. Great polishes! And Man Glaze's bottle are the best. Love them! *_*

  5. Where do you buy manglaze from? I'm in the UK, I don't think I have access to it...and I love it so much! These are super nice polishes

  6. Great review/explanation. Thanks.

  7. I had expected a darker color from manglaze. The finish let me think about suede collection of OPI

  8. Awesome post! I don't think I have seen this polish before.

  9. Thanks ladies! This polish was just released about a week ago and ManGlaze was having a sale on their facebook page so clearly, I bought them all because I'm a hoarder! Also I just love their products! Go check them out, they have information about where to buy both in the US and internationally!


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