Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guest Post by Destany of Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom

Good morning fellow Lacquered Lovers! Today you get not one, but two posts! Later this afternoon I will continue on with Matte Week but first I have a special treat for you! Destany from the awesome blog Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom wrote a guest post for all of you! Be sure you check out her blog HERE. She is a fellow lover of all things lacquered and she posted about a brand I've never tried so I'm really excited about this! So, without further ado, I give you her post!


Hello everyone! I am so happy - and flattered! - that Carly asked me to do a guest post! I have a wonderful color for you today in a brand that I have recently come to love - Finger Paints! I have for you one of the new Fall Fashionista shades, To-teally Chic! This a beautiful creamy teal along the same vein of ORLY Sapphire Silk (I actually wanna do a comparison of those two polishes one day!)

The formula on this polish is a teeny bit thick, but not so much that is causes problems. I think it works out better for me because pictures is one coat of polish. Only one. No bald patches, no streakiness...application of this polish is wonderful :)

Above: Sunlight

Above: Sunlight

Above: Sunlight

Above: Shade

Above: With Flash

My husband loves blue, so I have a lot of blue polishes. This is one of my favorite blues :)


Awesome! I love this color! And it's opaque in one coat? I think I need to buy some Finger Paints! Thanks again to Destany and be sure you check out her blog!

What did you all think of the lovely Destany's guest post? Do you love this color? Have you tried any Finger Paints?


  1. Love the post and color, reminds me of Suzi Says Feng Shui by OPI.

  2. It's a different shade of blue, I love it!

  3. d'you know, that's a colour i would NEVER wear, but it looks so amazing on you it makes me want to go out and buy it !! xx

  4. I love Destany's blog and this is such a pretty teal!


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