Monday, September 19, 2011

Locks of Love aka What Carly Looks Like with Short Hair!

Good morning my fellow Lacquered Lovers! I hope you don't mind, but I have a quick post this morning that is not polish related followed by an extra special polish post this afternoon.

Five years ago, right after Thanksgiving, I decided to donate my very long, thick hair to Locks of Love. For those of you who don't know what Locks of Love is, it's an organization that takes hair donations and makes wigs for children under the age of 21 that have an illness that causes them to lose their hair. You can check out their website and all the wonderful things they do HERE.

So, since the last time, I've been growing my hair again and realized a few months ago that it was almost down to my butt! So, I decided I'd donate it again. I made my appointment for yesterday. Here are my before pictures. My hair is slightly curled so it's even longer than it looks here!

So much hair! Ah! It was literally almost to my butt! On top of that, my hair is thick and curly so it just seemed like there was hair everywhere! When I went to get it cut, we ended up doing 12 inch long ponytails (the minimum requirement for Locks of Love is 10 inches and there are other organizations like Pantene that only require 8 inches.) We ended up cutting at least another 2 inches off for the styling! So, here I am with short hair!

So short! I also decided to jazz up the color so we added some bright red streaks to it! Now, the fire engine red will fade out into a golden red highlight, but I'm kind of loving my slightly punk rock flaming red streaks! They are all hidden underneath so depending on how my hair is laying they peek out! Here is a quick example of one of them:

So there you have it! I'm sending off my hair today and hopefully the donation will help someone! I highly recommend you long haired ladies consider doing it as well, it's for a great cause and we all know that our hair will grow back!

Have any of you ever donated your hair?


  1. Oh!! wat lovely hair!!!! Liked it longer as well the shorter version. Love the hair color too!!!

  2. Aw such a nice thing to do, I have been growing my hair for forever, don't think I could cut it just yet but I will consider it :)

  3. You have amazing hair, looks so healthy!

  4. I bet you feel lighter! love the red streaks! what a nice thing to do!

  5. I did it, they braided my hair and chopped off two long braids. In all 14" of hair came off. I loved my long hair but it felt great to be free of it and know that it would help someone else.

  6. I have donated my hair a couple of times and I plan on having both my kids do it too. They know what great program it is.
    You look beautiful and you are such a beautiful person for being so selfless and doing such a nice deed <3

  7. I haven't donated hair, since I have rather fine hair, I'm afraid that in the future I'm just not able to grow long hair (like mom mom now) and that's why I keep my hair long right now. :D
    But your hair looks absolutely fabulous!

  8. I LOVE your short cut! You will adore how much easier it is to take care of - shampoo/dry esp!!! Wonderful that you donated your long locks! I have never donated as I have had short hair since I was in my late 20's and now 58. I am in the process of growing my hair out now to see how long it will grow. I want to wear it pulled straight back and wear in a bun a lot of the time. I can show off I don't need to hide wrinkles that I don't have behind bangs!!! I want to go out with that pulled back Audrey Hepburn look she wore from the 60's until her death.

  9. That's so awesome & sweet. My hair grows really really fast. I just donated 13" to LoL about 4 mo ago & donated about 13" about a yr 1/2 ago. It's nice to help those out that need it.
    Btw nice job on AJs color.

  10. Aw yay this is great! Your new style looks great :)

  11. Your looks so good both lengths! That is so sweet of you to donate it!


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