Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun Friday Featuring a Halloween Eyeball Manicure and Tutorial!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers! As Halloween is quickly approaching, I tried my hand at some Halloween nail art after my spider webs didn't quite come out perfect. My lovely friend Sarah over at the amazing blog Chalkboard Nails (which you should all be following if you aren't!) did an incredible eyeball manicure plus tutorial which you can see HERE. I decided to give it a go and see if I could recreate it so without futher ado, on to the manicure!

Yay! So fun! I actually think it came out super cute! So now, here is my sort of step-by-step version of how to do it (for a more in depth tutorial, check out Sarah's site linked above!)

First I started with a dark red cream for the background. Since I was so excited to do this manicure, I forgot to take a picture of it! The background is Nails Inc. St. Pancras. Then I took my Essie Blanc and with the corner of the brush, dotted white circles onto my nails in a polka dot pattern. I purposely did this while the red was still wet so it would bleed a bit and look like veins. Surprisingly easier than I thought it would be! Then I waited a few minutes to dry before adding the irises.

First I did the brown eyes with Essie Very Structured. I didn't want to choose any colors that were too dark so you would be able to see the black pupils eventually. I tried to put the brown in different lines on each nail so that the colors would be different on each finger.

Next came the blue eyes with Orly Frisky. Can you believe I've had this gorgeous bright blue cream sitting in my untrieds? The horror!

Last was the green eyes for which I used Color Club Twiggie. The only way to describe this shade is a neon mint green. I realize that sounds like an oxymoron but it's the only way to describe it! So after all the colored iris' are put into the eyeballs with the dotting tool, let your creation dry for a bit before going on to the pupils with a smaller dotting tool.

I used a smaller dotting tool to make the pupils. I tried to make them in the middle of the eye but that didn't quite work. Oh well, win some use some. For the pupils, I used my favorite black cream, Wet N Wild Black Creme. Lastly, I waited a few minutes before adding one last little touch:

Using a tiny dotting tool, I added a white dot like in Sarah's pictures to make the eye glow a bit. The dots are all off centered on purpose to give it a more spooky look! I love it! Here is a tight shot of what it looks like:

So there you have it! Easy eyeball nails for Halloween! Again, a big thank you to Sarah at Chalkboard Nails for her awesome tutorial on this! I had a ton of fun trying it out!

What do you think of the eyeballs? What are you going as for Halloween?


  1. You did a fantastic job on this! I keep telling people this mani is easier than it looks, maybe you will agree? :)

  2. Those look great! I like the colors you used too.

  3. Those turned out great! Love the colors and the design!

  4. These looks fantastic! You make it look so easy :D

  5. I saw my classmate did this nail art and i thought it has something to do with peacock... :3

  6. I love your eyeballs! I really do.
    But I also want to tell you.
    We gave you a Liebster award on our blog!

  7. Thanks so much ladies! They were super fun to do!

  8. Ahhh that is SO CUTE! I must do this, I love it!

  9. Hi, I love your site, it is great! Keep it up. I have a question on the Magnetic polish. I am a Salon owner in Wisconsin. I recently stumbled on to them, I have three of the colours, but I know there are 5, from looking at the Nails inc. site. I paid full retail for the three and the site does not ship to the States.None of the supply houses around me have that company. Got any Ideas?

  10. Creepy and retro looking... cool! :)

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