Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Spiderweb Nail Art Tutorial

Good afternoon my fellow Lacquered Lovers! Today, I have a little Halloween treat for you! My fabulous friend Jacki of Adventures in Acetone (isn't that just the cutest name?) did THIS amazing sparkly spiderweb nail art last weekend and I thought I wanted to try it (minus the sparkles!) So, thanks to Jacki's guiding hand, here is my Halloween spider web tutorial!

Well first, since this was a Halloween design, I decided to use my OPI Spookettes mini pack for one of the colors!

I went with "He's My Boo" as my base color because it's the perfect pumpkin orange! This is two coats and it's completely opaque. As far as I know, this color is only available in the mini spookettes set.

Next I took my Milani Nail Art bottle and brush in black to make lines. It was much easier to do part of a web so I started at the corners and made 3-4 lines (depending on how many could fit on my tiny fingernails) that all went at an angle from the same corner.

Next I connected the lines a bit apart so it gives the partial spiderweb effect. At first I thought it was done but something didn't feel exactly right to me so luckily Jacki told me to extend the lines to the edges of my fingers so it looked like the web kept going! So glad she told me that!

And here is my finished product! Not nearly as cute or as awesome looking as the picture I was going off of but for my second time ever using a nail art brush, not bad! It's definitely a cute look for Halloween!

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Now go check out Jacki's post!

What did you all think of the tutorial? Have you done any Halloween Nail Art?


  1. not bad but I do my spiderwebs slightly differently ;) I will post it this week in case you want to let me know if you think it looks ok ;)

  2. You did great! I am so proud! And thanks for the link back :) Glad I could help! :)

  3. Awesome job! Got to love webs! Its a staple of Halloween!

  4. Great job! I've been wanting to do spiderwebs, but I know I wouldn't be able to draw the lines on my right hand :(

  5. Super fun use of the Halloween colors!

  6. Spiderwebs are actually so hard to do, but this looks great :)

  7. Nice tutorial. I love tutorials. I did do some nail art actually. I put it up on my blog as well. I'd love your opinion. This was my first time really doing a hand painted mani. I had to try it on color wheels first:

  8. I love them! I'm too shaky to do the lines but I could let my nail tech do it for me.

  9. Very easy to do and looks great! Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. Very nice tutorial it looks like something I could actually attempt.


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