Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Julep Emilie Swatch and Review

Good afternoon my fellow Lacquered Lovers! I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday. First of all, I want to apologize that this week, each of my posts will only have one color! That's because I was on vacation this past weekend and weekends is usually when I swatch and I simply didn't have the time! Also a bunch of my nails broke and it is not pretty! Hopefully by this weekend my hands won't look like a little kids anymore! Anyway, without further ado, on to the nail polish!

Above: 2 coats of Emilie

Holy cow that is GREEN! Julep Emilie is a bright green cream polish that was fully opaque in 2 coats. It's so green! Every time I see this color in my stash I just think "This will be perfect for St. Patty's Day!" I love that this green has a lot of blue in it so it doesn't make my skin look all yellow and gross like many green polishes can, instead, since it's cool toned, it looks great!

Now, a quick word about Julep. Here is a little blurb about them from their website:

We are a hand, nail and foot care brand with four boutique nail parlors in the Seattle area. Founded on the belief that beauty is a connection, not a competition, Julep was created to celebrate the bond between girlfriends and the beauty of the human spirit. We have created a line of the most effective, toxin-free “Mani & Pedi Care” products and the latest runway-inspired nail colors.

Girl power! I love it! Plus, Julep has this fabulous program called "Julep Maven" where for $20 a month, you get at least 1 (and sometimes 2) nail polishes and some full sized hand care products such as creams, cuticle oil, crystal files, etc. It's a great deal to get to try all sorts of fun colors and products! Plus you get to take a really fun quiz to find out what your "beauty profile" is. There are 5 different profiles. I'm an "it girl!" And they send you an email with the colors you will be receiving before they send it so if you already have a color or simply don't like one, you can request a shelf pull and you'll get a different box that month! It's genius! You can check out their website HERE.

All in all, I love the idea behind Julep and this green was gorgeous! Unfortunately, I do have a dupe for it with OPI Jade is the New Black, but since that polish is not so easy to find, I'm happy to have a back up! Plus I just love the rectangular Julep bottles!

What do you think of this color? Are you a Julep Maven as well?


  1. This is gorgeous! Great green!


  2. Haven't any of their polish yet, but I love that green, it's a beautiful shade

  3. I love this color! I think it's my favorite Julep polish, actually.


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