Thursday, October 20, 2011

Manicures + Moms = MOMMICURES!

Good morning my fellow Lacquered Lovers! I have such a treat for you this morning! But first, a little back story.

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been getting her nails done. I remember being really little, about 4 or 5, and this amazing woman Maggie would bring her caboodle to our house, filled with nail polish, to do my moms nails. I remember sitting at the kitchen table just looking at all of them! There was only one rule, NO ORANGE! I have no idea why but Maggie HATED orange nail polish! Luckily my mom was more of a pink or red kind of lady. I always loved it because for special events, she would get nail art! My favorite was when my parents would go to Atlantic City for the weekend with their friends, my mom would get cards, champagne bottles, all sorts of fun stuff!

However my mom stopped doing the crazy nail art many years ago and now, for the most part, she's a french manicure kind of lady (although she does take my suggestions for pedicures and even has OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys on her toes right now!) So, here is what my mom's fingers look like in 2011 with an LCN gel manicure and air brushed french tips:

Very classy Mom! A french tip is always classic (and matches everything!)

Now, on the fun side, my mom's dear friend Nona (Hi Nona!) has some of the most awesome and crazy nails ever! I've known Nona my entire life, and she's always had nails strictly in gold, silver, purple and blue. It's pretty awesome! She also wears the gel nails but she gets some pretty amazing nail art! Here is her current favorite look:

How amazing are these? And her toes match! I hope I will still be pulling off the gold and silver and blue polishes when I'm a mom!

Now I was a gel manicure girl for over a year, in fact, it's how I stopped biting my nails! I couldn't gnaw through the gels! But I finally kicked the habit and now I stopped getting manicures and do my own for this fabulous blog that you all have made such a great experience! So, here's a little pic of one of my favorite holographic tape manicures (and please excuse the picture, it's before I learned how to not get a shadow with the flash):

So there you have it, Mommicures! I love it! Just goes to show you that no matter what you do in life or what age you are, you can always have fabulous nails! Thanks Mom and Nona for the pictures!

What did you all think of the Mommicures? Are you a mom who loves her Mommicures? Is your mom a Mommicure babe? What are your favorite Mommicures?


  1. My mom has never had her nails done-won't let ANYONE touch her feet and thinks clear is a color! She does not get why I love my blog and nail art so much!

  2. My mom has been getting her's done for quite some time too! Although the last time she did, she actually got red tips and some stripes! I was so proud! She get's her toes done too!

  3. Let's go all you moms out there! We can't (or shouldn't) embarass our daughters but we're not dead yet, right? Love you Carls!

  4. I am a mom and love doing nails ;). My mom and a few of her friends started reading my blog and my mom even got a bundle monster stamp set to do her nails! She calls me often telling me about people in the bank, or wherever else she ran errands for, complimenting her on her simple nail art and she LOVES it! hahaha. Power on nail mommies!

  5. I'm a mom and I love my mommicures but they are usually done by just me lol. My mom never really got her nails done. But she ALWAYS had her toes painted. Usually a red or dark pink. I get that from her. I feel odd with anything but red or dark pink on my toes!

    I Love your tape mani. And Nona's nails are super neat! I love the french Manicure but I never liked the way gels looked. I don't know what it is, they look nicer than acrylic though.

  6. Aw you guys are all so sweet! I love hearing mom stories!

    And Robyn - aka Mom - just try not to embarass me too much, ok?

  7. I'm a stepmom and I love getting my nails done. I'm not Carly-obsessed, but I still love it!

    Your holographic manicure is amazing!

  8. Mommicures are awesome!! I am meeting my mom for one tomorrow. I LOVE the stripey art here. Hi Carly's mommy!!!

  9. my mom rarely if ever gets a manicure. she does enjoy getting an occasional salon pedicure though. since my own nail polish "hobby" has grown in these recent months, she enjoys seeing what new colors i have acquired since her last visit, and often chooses one for me to paint her nails with while she is here. just this past week, she even said she can see how the more 'unusual' colors like blues,purples & greens (my faves) can be really pretty ... quite a turnaround from her reds & pinks only. GO MOM!


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