Friday, October 14, 2011

NYC Color Fall 2011 Colors

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers! I'm off to Chicago in a few hours with family for the weekend but I wanted to put up a quick post before I have to catch my flight! Today I have for you a mini collection of NYC Color polishes that are coming out now for the Fall. There are 3 lovely colors in this collection so now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Above: 2 coats of Underground Purple

Above: macro shot of Underground Purple

Underground Purple is really more of a magenta than a purple. I found there was a lot of red tones that had this leaning more towards pink than purple. There is a slight hint of iridescent purple/blue to it that makes this a really fun color. If you're into pinks and purples, this is a great, rich fall shade!

Above: 2 coats of Backstage Brown

Above: Macro shot of Backstage Brown

Backstage Brown is more of a caramel color than a true brown. I love the shimmer in it and I think this is a fantastic Fall shade. I wasn't thrilled with the brush strokes you can see in this color, but I think a third coat might have evened that out. I do like that this was fully opaque and the shimmery reminds me almost of amber, a very warm shade.

Above: 2 coats of Scenestealer Grey

Above: macro shot of Scenestealer Grey

Lots of Greys this season! I love the gunmetal look we've been seeing from lots of brands and NYC is no different! Scenestealer Grey is a really pretty dark grey that is packed full of shimmer. As you can see in the blurry macro shot, some of the shimmer is different colors! It's not all just grey! I love when that happens, it really gives the polish some extra depth. This was fully opaque in 2 coats and just a great staple to have in your collection.

All in all, I really liked these! And for a brand that you can find cheap in most drugstores, these are really pretty colors and a very nice quality. Underground Purple was definitely a stand out to me (even though it's more pink than purple) and I just love the multi colored shimmer in Scenesteeler grey!

What did you all think of this collection? Any must haves?

Note: This product was sent to me by a company or PR group for review.


  1. I love grey colours, they're so edgy

  2. WOW! I love the Backstage brown! The grey is really pretty too. Nice fall colors! :)
    Angela Michels

  3. The underground purple is lovely! It kind of looks like my OPI Pompeii Purple, but mostly in the second picture.

  4. I love the underground purple!

  5. I like the grey one the best but they're all lovely :)

  6. I love nyc color! they have a great formula. I'm really liking the scenestealer gray... mm!

  7. I have a few of these and was pleasantly surprised. I like the magenta/purple! There's a light grey called Sidewalkers that doesn't look that cool but worked great on my skin. Good finds!


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