Thursday, October 27, 2011

OPI Muppet Collection Part II

Good afternoon my fellow Lacquered Lovers! I hope wherever you are reading this from that you are having better than I'm having in NYC! Cold and rainy day here, however looking at these swatches instantly put me in a better mood! Today I have the three non-glitters that I bought from the Muppet Collection and I have to say, I think I like these even better than the glitters! So now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Above: 2 coats of Meep-Meep-Meep

Above: Macro shot of Meep-Meep-Meep

Ah, Meep-Meep-Meep. I wasn't planning on liking this color until I saw swatches and found out it was a glass fleck! I love glass flecks! Even pink glass flecks! The base is kind of like a more opaque jelly if that makes sense, I say that because after two coats there is almost no visible nail line! The glass flecks are gold and some have a slightly lighter pink tint that gives this polish incredible depth. This is definitely a polish I bought for the name but ended up really loving it! It's very pigmented and perfect for any pink lover!

Above: 3 coats of Warm and Fozzie

Above: Macro shot of Warm and Fozzie

I've never been one to love bronze or brown shades, but I find myself really drawn to them this year! So much so that Warm and Fozzie is my second favorite from this collection and not just for the name (which I love!) Warm and Fozzie is a stunning bronze foil with gold, copper and pinkish flecks in it. This color is just insane complex. This polish was very sheer so it took three coats to build up to full opacity, but who cares for this gorgeous shade? It almost has a duochrome quality to it but it's absolutely stunning. This polish is definitely unique in my collection!

Above: 2 coats of Designer,... De Better!

Above: Macro shot of Designer,...De Better

Last and certainly not least (so certainly that I think this is my favorite shade of this collection) is Designer,... De Better. I quickly showed you guys this shade last week as part of my anniversary manicure, but I really didn't do it justice. Designer,... De Better is a silvery foil packed with copper and pinkish particles. It is stunning! It almost looks like a light gold or champagne to the naked eye, but you can really see the particles in the macro shot above. I just love how unique this color is and how it just reminds me of a winter fairy land for some reason! I highly recommend you get this color!

As for the other three colors in this collection, I didn't feel the need to get them because they are all pinks and purples that look familiar. The OPI Muppet Collection is out in stores now and generally retails for $8.00 per bottle. I really enjoyed this collection and look forward to wearing them this winter!

What did you all think of these Muppet Collections polishes? Do you prefer the glitters or the non-glitters? Any dupes?


  1. meep meep meep looks really good on you :)

  2. All 3 look gorgeous on you! :)

  3. All 3 of these are my favs of the Muppet collection. Most are going nuts over the glitters - me, not so much - I am a fan of the reds & neutrals as the other part is refereed to by OPI.M-M-M is really close to last year's OPI shade in Burlesque called Let Me Entertain You - but I prefer Let Me Entertain You.

  4. I like all these shades! They are very very pretty!

  5. I am not a fan of this collection at all-but I am using them for a swap with Brazil for some cool holos!

  6. I absolutely love this collection too, the polishes have become some of my favorites in my collection!


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