Monday, October 3, 2011

Wet N Wild On the Prowl Review and Swatches - Part 1

Good afternoon my fellow Lacquered Lovers! First of all, let me apologize for only posting sporadically (does anyone else think of the movie Clueless when they use this word?) last week. I was horribly sick with a cold and could barely think straight much less write a post about fabulous nail polish colors! So, to make up for it, this WHOLE week will be dedicated to Halloween Collections! Since Halloween is coming up in just a few weeks now (yay I love the Fall) and since my Halloween Giveaway ended today, I figure this is the perfect time to show off some new goodies so you ladies can choose what you want to invest in!

Wet N Wild released the limited edition On the Prowl collection a few weeks ago however it has been very hard to find for some people. Since it's a limited edition, not every store receives it, so keep your eyes open for it! The collection consists of 4 glitters and 4 creams/shimmers. Today, I will be showing you the creams and shimmers, and get excited for some new picture taking techniques I'm trying out! Now, without further ado, on to the polishes!

Above: 2 coats of Buy Me A Drink

Above: Macro Shot of Buy Me a Drink on the nail

Buy Me A Drink is a gorgeous deep red/purple shimmer. I love this color! It reminds me of the older OPI India Collection when they focused on shimmery jewel tones. This is one of those great colors that looks lit from within. The formula was great, I had no issues with getting full opacity in 2 coats. I love that it looks a tiny bit blackened on the sides however you can clearly see that it's a purple leaning red. Really pretty color and very flattering. I'd liken it to a Bordeaux, a gorgeous purpley/red wine!

Above: 3 coats of Jungle Fever

Above: Macro shot of Jungle Fever on nail

Jungle Fever is a very pretty medium moss green with silvery and gold shimmer. I love this green because it's not yellow leaning so it doesn't make my hands look diseased! I did need 3 coats of Jungle Fever to get full opacity and as you can see in the picture with the flash, I should have waited for it to dry a bit longer so it didn't get smushed! However it is a really pretty shimmery green so if you're looking for one, Jungle Fever is a great option!

Above: 2 coats of Ready To Pounce

Above: Macro shot of Ready To Pounce on nail

Ready to Pounce is probably the most unique color in this part of the collection. Ready to Pounce is a deep purple packed with pink and gold shimmer! I love it! The pink shimmer makes it so much more warm than if the shimmer was another shade of purple. Like But Me a Drink, Ready to Pounce has that lit from within look that's just stunning. I think this color is really unique and off hand I can't think of any dupes but I'm going to go through my purples and try to find one! This shade was fully opaque in 2 coats and had a pretty nice formula!

Above: 2 coats of Inkwell

Above: Macro shot of Inkwell on nail

Last, and kind of least, is Inkwell. I have to say, it's not my favorite when a company releases a plain black under a new name and put it with a Halloween collection. Inkwell is just that, a plain black cream, nothing special. It's a bit sheer, almost reminded me of China Glaze Liquid Leather, but I prefer the original Wet N Wild Black Creme because it's a one coater. Inkwell took 2 coats to reach full opacity. If you already have a black in your collection, you can definitely skip this.

And now, a little sneak peek of what's to come tomorrow in Part 2:

Glittery goodness! Yay! So fun!

All in all, I really enjoyed the 3 shimmers from this collection and am just "meh" about Inkwell since I already have so many black creams! However I found the shimmers to be fun and fairly unique! Wet N Wild retails for $1.99 at many drugstores like CVS and Rite Aid. Keep your eyes open for this collection!

What did you all think of this collection? Any must haves? Any hates?


  1. I wish we had Wet N Wild over in the Uk and all the pther lovely brands you are so lucky to have in the US. These colours look great on you, especially Ready to Pounce. x

  2. Since I don't do drugstore brands-I can't speak about them-but I do like the new photo shots-are they outside?

  3. I love Ready to Pounce! It's a great purple :)


  5. Can't wait to wear mine! Love this collection!!!! Look great on you too!

  6. I am practically stalking my Rite Aids and Walgreens for this.... no luck yet!

  7. green and black are superbly gorgoues

  8. gorgeous swatches loll the glitters ! and loll yes i do think of clueless 'sporadically' loll

  9. Urgh I cannot wait until you post the glitters! I have yet to see this collection anywhere!


  10. Love these swatches. They are all incredibly shiny! I've been stalking every neighborhood drugstore for the past few weeks. I've definitely hit every CVS in a 20 mile radius lol

  11. Jungle Fever is great! Can't wait to see the glitters!

  12. I like the purple one the most. It's gorgeous!

  13. BEAUTIFUL!!! *sigh* I have been hunting these like a crazy lady. I hope so much that I find them or I'm seriously going to cry! XD

  14. Thanks so much for the kind words ladies! As for my pictures, I tried taking them in front of a window when it was sunny out and I finally figured out how to crop them properly! Glad you're liking them!


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