Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Untrieds - Day 1: Wet N Wild Believe Me, It's Real

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers! I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween! Can you believe that it's November already? Crazy! It seems like just yesterday it was summer time! To commemorate the start of a new month, the lovely Taylor of Nailed To The T had a brilliant idea. As all nail polish hoarders like myself know, we all have many, many untrieds! Polishes that fell through the cracks or we haven't gotten around to yet that need to be shown some love! So, for the next 30 days, the idea is to wear a different polish every day! I will still be showing you guys collections and fun stuff, but this is a great way for me to get through a good chunk of my collection!

First up, I have a polish from the new Wet N Wild Ice Ice Baby Collection. These polishes are a Walgreens exclusive and are really pretty amazing! So now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Above: Believe Me, It's Real

Above: Macro Shot of Believe Me, It's Real

Glitter bomb! Believe Me, It's Real is a royal blue micro glitter that's infused with slightly larger deep purple round glitter. I love this color. It's so intense and vibrant! Now, it did take me 3 coats of polish to get it fully opaque (and you can see that at the tips it's not quite opaque but that's just due to the nature of glitter) but beware! This polish is a top coat eater! It took THREE coats of top coat to mostly smooth out the polish and make it shiny! The polish itself dries almost matte, so you better make sure to have your thickest top coat handy when trying this one! I love how unique this polish is, I definitely have no dupes and it looks like a party on my nails!

These polishes retail for $3.99 each and can be found at Walgreens only, so if you like glitter, start hunting for them! Also be sure to check out the other bloggers participating in the 30 day challenge who are listed below:

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Be sure to check out all the other bloggers! What do you think of this polish? Are you inundated with untrieds as well?


  1. Nice!! Unfortunately my Walgreens sucks. They dodn't have any of these.

  2. You have got beautiful hands. I am crazy about blue nail colours.

  3. I own and its in my untried stash lol I guess I have to try in this challenge too! LOVING IT!

  4. That is a fantastic idea! Unfortunately I don´t have many untrieds at the moment.
    This Wet n Wild nail polish looks very very pretty! Love it!

  5. I love this color! The glitter is gorgeous!

  6. I'm headed to Walgreen's now! Great idea!

  7. I'm also participating:

    Great polish btw.

  8. I like that they threw in the purple glitter, that sells it!

  9. @Shopping Addict - I'm so sorry! I have you on my list but linked it wrong! I will fix it right now!

  10. Very nice! Always good to see the untrieds :D

  11. This one is pretty! I do like it! This one and the red are my favs from the collection. By the way, they are $2.99 a piece!

  12. nice :) i really like this one!

  13. I love that! Yet another sparkly I need.

  14. So pretty! Unfortunately I don't have a Walgreens near me but I've got someone keeping an eye out in their Walgreen's. I've got so many untrieds it's kinda ridiculous; but I can't stop buying polish!

  15. I think it's fun when a bunch of you bloggers who are friends get on a 'mission' together. I think I can pass on this one - I am not a huge glitter fan - mostly removal issues - and I have a blue glitter and 1 that is a tish teal but more blue already that I don't wear. I am starting to use my Stripe Rites to paint a 'French' line on the tips and keep thinking good use for some of my glitters. I need to get some correct brushes to use. I have a Walgreens about 30 miles away my insurance makes me use - but they don't have much of anything in polish. Something happened to W&W distribution a while back. I hear it from others around the US too. It used to be a main stay of all drugstores.

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