Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 16 Featuring Mattese Elite Mysterious

Good Afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  If you all recall, last Friday I posted up the teaser photos for the new Mattese Elite Winter Wonderland Collection found at Ricky's.  Being the crafty little nail polish hunter that I am, I've been stalking the stores since Friday and lo and behold, I found the whole collection yesterday!  Now you'll all have to wait until next Monday to get the full swatches and reviews so I can take the proper pictures this weekend when the weather clears up, but I do have one for you today!  So now, without further ado, on to the nail polish!

Above:  3 coats of Mysterious over 1 coat OPI Nail Envy
Above:  macro shot

Do you see what I see?  HOLOGRAPHIC!!!  I had no idea!  The promo shots did not do this collection justice, because there are TWO scattered holographic polishes in it!  Mysterious is a light blue glitter in a sheer base that is packed with holographic glitter particles!  It's so glittery!  My nails are seriously mesmerizing today!  The polish is a bit sheer so it took me three coats to get virtually opaque, but when I do the full review of the collection I'll show you how it builds up.  All in all, I think this polish is awesome!

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What did you think of Mysterious?  Is it a must have?  Do you have any Mattese Elite polishes?


  1. omg i love mysterious! i must get my hands on it

  2. SWEEET! I'm totally going to go hunting for this tomorrow :)

  3. It's so beautiful! I love accidental holo :D

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