Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 6 Featuring CND Plum Truffle Duo

Good morning Lacquered Lovers! I'm sorry that this post is finding you a day late! I will have another post later today for Day 7, but I wanted to give you guys my review of a new set by one of my favorite brands! So now, without further ado, on to the polish!

CND released the Plum Truffle Duo as part of their holiday collection for 2011. Recently they have been releasing two colors at a time, a cream with a matching color effect. Now I LOVE the color effects. I own at least 10 of them and they are so awesome for adding a little extra something to a polish!

Above: 2 coats of Plum Truffle

CND Plum Truffle is the cream of this collection. Plum Truffle is a really pretty cool toned berry color. I love that this isn't too red and therefore turns into a "pink" but really stays in that berry and wine family. The formula was perfect, virtually opaque in one coat but I put on a second coat just to get full opacity and make sure there were no bald spots. I really love how pigmented this color is and how rich it looks on the nails!

So to top off the lovely Plum Truffle, I used one coat of CND Plum Truffle Sparkle. I actually really like that the sparkle color effect is much lighter than the cream it comes with! Plum Truffle Sparkles is a light pink, micro sparkle in a sheer pinkish base. I'll have to try to layer it over white to see how much of the sheer base comes through but as it stands, it's a perfect compliment to Plum Truffle. Maybe it's just me but this seems a bit more scattered of a sparkle than some of the other color effects, but this polish will be great for those who don't like reds during the holiday season.

All in all, CND never disappoints me with their formula. Their polishes are top quality and I love the idea of the color effects that help to enhance a cream color. I look forward to seeing more duos from them in the future!

What do you all think of this duo? Are you a fan of the colors and effects?

This product was sent to me for review. For more information, read my disclosure policy above.


  1. that combo looks so cute. Perfect for holiday season.

  2. I thought about getting this-but it's a little to pink for me!

  3. It´s really nice, like the color. I only own the Crimson sparkle effect of this brand and it´s great, it´s my way to "refresh" a previous used nail polish, Julie

  4. They look great with each other.

  5. LOVE this duo! <3 I'm a huge fan of CND's Effects and colors. :D The colors are always beautiful and have amazing formulas. The Effects are always gorgeous and really take a mani to the next level. <3 Definitely need to pick this set up asap!

  6. Thanks ladies! CND Duos are so fun! I highly recommend you get them if you don't already have them! This one is a bit pink for me but I'm sure I'll find a time to wear them!

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