Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MAC Unconditionally Fabulous vs. China Glaze Snow Globe

Good morning my fellow lacquered lovers! Today I have a "versus" post for you! Now we all hate dupes, because it's frustrating when you are super excited about a new polish only to discover that you have an EXACT duplicate of it already in your collection but by another brand! So, I hope this post will help everyone avoid unnecessary dupes! Yesterday I showed you MAC Unconditionally Fabulous and I promised to do a comparison with China Glaze Snow Globe. Now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Can you tell the difference yet?

First, let's look at each polish on its own with no base coat:

Above:  1 coat of MAC Unconditionally Fabulous

Unconditionally Fabulous is a ton of iridescent glitter (you can see pink, purple, blue, green and orange) in a sheer jelly base, almost clear.  There is a LOT of glitter in this polish!  I have no idea how many coats you'd need to make this opaque, but I'm guessing it would be a lot.  Luckily this polish is not too thick as some glitters can become and it really easy to work with.

Above:  1 coat of China Glaze Snow Globe
Snow Globe is iridescent glitter that's suspended in a clear jelly base.  The glitter is much more sparse than in Unconditionally Fabulous and the glitter itself seems more transparent.  You can still make out some colors (blue, pink, orange, green) but it's much more pale.

Let's take a look at them side by side:

Can you tell which one is which?  They are both a base of one coat of Wet N Wild Black Creme (the best one coat black cream in my opinion) with one coat of the glitter on top.  Give up?

The pointer and ring finger are China Glaze Snow Globe and the middle and pinkie finger are MAC Unconditionally Fabulous.  As you can see, there is a LOT more glitter and coverage in one coat of Unconditionally Fabulous than there is in one coat of Snow Globe.  I'm guessing you could build up Snow Globe in 2 or 3 coats, but you'd have to allow time to dry in between coats so the glitter doesn't get all smushed around.  It also appears to me that Unconditionally Fabulous has more colors in it that really pop when layered on a dark color.  It stands out a bit more where Snow Globe is far more subtle.

So, are they dupes?  They are close, but they aren't exact.  Snow Globe seems to me to be the weaker, not as spunky little sister to Unconditionally Fabulous.  If you don't want to shell out the cash for Unconditionally Fabulous, Snow Globe makes a good second place, and if you want a more subtle look with less sparkle, Snow Globe is the way to go.  I do think there are enough subtle difference to justify having both (at least that's what I'm telling myself) but do you NEED both?  Probably not.  If you guys would like, I can see how many coats of Snow Globe it would take to get the same glitter bomb effect of Unconditionally Fabulous, just let me know in the comments!  Snow Globe is part of China Glaze's Holiday 2011 Let It Snow Collection and Unconditionally Fabulous is one of MAC's limited edition Glitter and Ice 2011 polishes.

What do you think of these two?  Are they dupes?  Are they different enough to justify both?  Which do you prefer?


  1. I totally need Unconditionally Fabulous even though I have Snow Globe. I mean, it's unconditionally fabulous after all! :D I just adore how vibrant the colors are in the opalescent glitters! So super pretty! <3

  2. I'm passing on Unconditionally Fabulous since I do have Snow Globe and am trying to cut down on my semi-dupes just a little... good luck to me, lol! But I do applaud MAC for putting out a good polish! Seems like their polishes (besides Bad Fairy) are all meh/dupeable/blah/etc.

  3. I love it on dark base, it looks great!

  4. Woop! I guessed them correctly lol. I like them both but I don't feel like either are must haves. I don't generally like MAC polishes there fore I have none anymore. I might pick up Snow Globe just to have it. Which is bad... I'm a bad girl lol

  5. I'm going to stick with CG snow globe! I have used it already and I think it takes about 2-3 coats to get the full glitter bomb effect. My bottle is a little thick so you might could get away with 2 if it was just my bottle.

  6. I love them! ooo sparkly! But honestly if your not looking HARD you would never notice the difference.

  7. ...I still can't see a difference. Lol. That is a very pretty, Christmas-appropriate glitter, though, I like it!

  8. These are awesome ! I need one at the least! Thanks !

  9. Unconditionally Fabulous is sold-out on the MAC UK website. I have no choice but to go for Snow Globe and please do another dupe if you find something even better to match Unconditionally Fabulous please. Gutted I've missed out not on Unconditionally Fabulous!

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