Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nails Inc. Autumn 2011 Collection Swatches and Review

Good morning my fellow Lacquered Lovers!  Now I know, this is a Fall collection and I've already been showing you Winter collections, but I fell behind on my swatching!  nails inc. is a great British brand that is now carried in Sephora (yay!)

This cute 4 pack was $25 if I remember correctly and unfortunately is no longer available as a set but the colors are in their core line!  So now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Above:  2 coats of Charing Cross

Charing Cross is a gorgeous, true red cream!  I love it!  It's a tiny bit on the lighter side, but I just love the brightness and how vibrant this shade is!  Fully opaque in 2 coats, I just loved this shade!

Above:  2 coats of Paddington

Paddington is a gorgeous blackened teal.  Depending on the light it looks grey, teal or very dark blue.  I love it!  It's so versatile and perfect for Fall!

Above:  2 coats of St. Pancras

St. Pancras was by far my favorite of this collection!  It is a gorgeous, deep, vampy red wine shade.  I love vampy colors in the winter and fall and this one is just stunning!  I love that it doesn't get too purple, you can clearly see it's red, and it's not so blackened that you can't tell it's a color!  Gorgeous!

Above:  2 coats of Fenchurch Street

Would it be weird to describe this shade as almost pumpkin?  Fenchurch Street is a dusty, deep orange shade.  Not my favorite color just because it looks a bit weird on my skin but for orange lovers out there, it's great!

All in all, I love Nails Inc.  I think their formula is fantastic, I love that they are all opaque in two coats and they have such a bright, shiny finish even without topcoat!  I also love how pigmented they are, all the colors really make a statement.

What do you think of these shades?  Do you have any Nails Inc. that you love?


  1. I love Fenchurch street! $25 is a great deal!

  2. I like Charing Cross and St. Pancras.

  3. So many wonderful nails colors! Love them!

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