Monday, January 16, 2012

Butter London Spring/Summer 2012 Swatches and Review!

Good afternoon Lacquered Lovers!  For today, I have an amazing new collection from the color geniuses at Butter London!  Their Spring/Summer collection for 2012 is bright and fun with a really interesting combination of color!

I picked up the entire collection when it was released at Ricky's last week!  I was only planning on getting 2 or 3 but when I saw them in person, I simply couldn't resist!  So now, without further ado, on to the polish!

Above:  2 coats of Slapper

First up we have Slapper, a gorgeous bright teal shade.  Please ignore how red my hands are on the first picture, but it was the only way to make the teal mostly color accurate!  It's even more vibrant and has a tad more green to it in real life!  Slapper is very pigmented and the formula was great, going on completely opaque in two coats!  I love the teal trend that's popping up this spring, it's such a fun, bright color!

Above:  2 coats of Trout Pout

Next up is Trout Pout, a bright salmon coral with some touches of pink to it!  From the promo pictures, I thought this would be a pale pink on par with Teddy Girl, but it's so much more peachy toned and bright!  I actually really loved this one!  Trout Pout was definitely a surprise find for me from this collection because I wasn't expecting on liking it but I think this might be the perfect springtime pedicure color!  Very pigmented and opaque in two coats, this is the type of polish that Butter London thrives at making.

Above - 2 coats of Bossy Boots

Another trend that all the companies seem to be doing this spring is green!  I'm very excited about this because I love green nail polish!  Bossy Boots is a very pale green, somewhere between mint and pistachio I'd say.  This shade is a bit dusty but I love that it doesn't make me look too yellow and it's subtle enough to get away with for just about any event, but since it's green, it's still kind of fun!  Like the other cremes in this collection, Bossy Boots is fully opaque in 2 coats!

 Above:  3 coats of Disco Biscuit
Above:  Macro shot of Disco Biscuit

Ah Disco Biscuit.  First of all, I love the name!  Is anyone else who is a reader a fan of the Disco Biscuits like I am?  Anyway, the nail polish Disco Biscuit is a hot pink jelly polish with the tiniest blue/iridescent sparkle you can imagine.  Take a look at the macro shot and you can see the tiny little specks of blue!  Now since Disco Biscuit is more of a jelly base, I did three thin coats above and there is a tiny bit of visible nail line still showing.  I think for me, this will be a polish I layer either over a pink creme or white creme to really make it pop!

 Above:  3 coats of Knackered
Above:  Macro shot of Knackered

I can be honest.  Knackered is the polish I was most looking forward to from this collection!  From the promo pictures, it almost looked like a grey/purple duochrome.  On the nail, it's definitely more grey leaning but with a pearly finish and packed with holographic microglitter!  Now this shade is sheer, but it was made fully opaque in 3 coats.  Yet, it felt to me like this is a polish that should be layered, so here are a few layering options below!

Above:  2 coats of Slapper, 1 coat of Knackered

Above:  2 coats of Trout Pout, 1 coat of Knackered

As you can see in the macro shot of Trout Pout and Knackered above, there is a lot of sparkles!  My camera couldn't capture how glittery it looks, but it's such a gorgeous look!  It's very subtle but when the light catches your nails, it's simply stunning!  I can't wait to try Knackered over some darker colors this week!

So there you have it, the Butter London Spring/Summer 2012 Collection!  5 gorgeous shades!  Butter London retails between $14 and $16.  I think my favorites from the collection would have to be Slapper and Knackered, although all 5 were real beauties!

What do you think of this collection?  Any must haves?  Any dupes? 


  1. Slapper is my favorite of these! Honestly every other color looks like a dupe to me!

  2. I need Disco Biscuit and Knackered!

  3. LOVE seeing these first swatches of the new Butter collection. I am loving Disco Biscuit layered with Knackered!

  4. My have is Trout Pout!!! I have a weakness for the bright pigmented corals...they are such great summer colors
    by the name I would think that it would be a dark army green

  5. Im not a fan of Butter London polish-but I do love that Bossy Boots one!

  6. i want disco biscuit like whoa. i might order it next week actually. :)


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