Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Layering Day 3 - CND Mood Ring Manicure

Good morning Lacquered Lovers!  In keeping with the theme of layering this week, I decided to try something out I saw a few months ago that looked amazing!  One of the bloggers who got me interested in starting my blog, All Lacquered Up, did this awesome Mood Ring manicure using all different CND Effects layered over black.  I decided to put my own spin on it by using a different base and different effects and I have to say, I love how it came out! 

Here is a quick sneak peek at the finished product!  I'm obsessed with it!  So now, without further ado, on to the polish!

I began the manicure with one coat of CND Asphalt.  I love that this polish is a one coater!  This is definitely one of my favorite grey polishes as it's super pigmented and opaque in 1 coat!  Now, on to the fun stuff.

So here is what you are looking at above.  There are 3 stripes of CND effects on each nail, Emerald Shimmer, Ice Blue Shimmer and Scarlet Shimmer.  I overlapped them slightly to blend the effect a bit better.  You can really see the different shades in the macro shot but depending on how I'm holding my hand, you either get more of a blue, green or red/purple effect.  I love it!  But of course, I couldn't leave it just at this!

So I decided to add Amethyst Sparkle on top!  I love the little purple glittery look this gives to the manicure and I think it helps blend in the stripes of shimmer effects as well!  But wait!  I still wasn't done with this layering adventure!

Last, I added my favorite of all the CND Colour Effects, Sapphire Sparkling!  Sapphire Sparkling is packed full of tiny little bright blue sparkles and I just love it!  This manicure is by far one of my favorites I've ever done!  I love how in every picture, it looks completely different!  It almost looks like a multichrome on the nail because depending how the light hits it, the dominant color changes!

What do you think of this layering effect?  Would you like to see a tutorial on it?  Have you tried this?


  1. Whoa, this turned out crazy!
    I like how there's so many layers, to looks ridiculously complex.

  2. Love all of the CND effetcs! They are my favorite!

  3. I love mood ring manis! Those CND polishes are great!


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