Monday, February 27, 2012

Essie Spring 2012 Navigate Her Collection Swatches and Review!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend for this last week in February.  I was unfortunately sick (hence the lack of post on Friday) however I did get a chance to swatch some awesome polishes for you!  Today I have Essie's Spring Collection, Navigate Her, for your viewing pleasure!  Ok that's a lie, I only have 5 out of 6 because I couldn't bring myself to buy another peach/nude shade since it's not a color I really ever wear, but I promise the other 5 are worth seeing!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!

 Above:  2 coats of Navigate Her in artificial light
Above:  2 coats of Navigate Her with flash

Pale green seems to be the shade of the season!  Zoya, Dior, OPI, now Essie all have pale greens!  Unlike the other more minty greens, Navigate Her is a yellow based green.  Unfortunately this doesn't work so well with my skin tone which makes me sad because it's so pretty!  The formula was great, opaque in two coats although a bit streaky with just one coat.

 Above:  2 coats of Ole Caliente in artificial light
Above:  2 coats of Ole Caliente with flash

I am really enjoying this trend of pale polish for the spring with splashes of bright colors!  Ole Caliente is a gorgeous orange based red.  Or red based orange.  Or some combination of the two, but in any event, it's a bright red/orange that errs more on the side of red and I love it!  The formula on this one was great, fully opaque in 2 coats and extremely pigmented!

 Above:  2 coats of Orange, It's Obvious! in artificial light
Above:  2 coats of Orange, It's Obvious!  with flash

Well, that's certainly one of the least creative names I've seen in awhile but I have to admit it fits!  Orange, it's Obvious! is a pure orange creme.  This polish is bright, it's pigmented, and it has that awesome juicy feel to it!  Is it unique?  Not terribly, but if you are looking for an orange creme for your collection, the formula on this is fantastic and opaque in 2 coats!  I like that it's not quite a neon and would probably look great on all skin tones!

 Above:  2 coats of To Buy or Not To Buy in artificial light
Above:  2 coats of To Buy or Not To Buy with flash

This name is the biggest handful as is the polish.  In the bottle, To Buy or Not To Buy looks like a very pale lilac that has shimmery pieces of light pink and light blue, almost duochrome shimmer.  However when you put that on the nail, all is lost and it just looks like a lilac creme.  If the light directly hits it you can see the tiniest hint of shimmer but for the most part, it doesn't show up, which is disappointing because this is the one I was most excited about!  You can also see a bit of visible nail line with this one but I think a third coat would smooth that out.

 Above:  2 coats of Tour De Finance in artificial light
Above:  2 coats of Tour de Finance with flash

Last but most certainly not least is Tour De Finance.  I'm having a weird obsession with hot pink nail polish this spring!  Tour De Finance is a bright fuchsia polish that's packed with lighter pink and blue shimmer!  I am kind of in love with it!  I love that the blue and pink shimmer give this a slighter cooler feel and an almost purple flash in certain lights!  This polish was the stand out to me in this collection!  The formula was great, very pigmented and opaque in 2 coats.

All in all, I like this collection!  I like the combination of pastels and bright bursts of color!  I wish that more of the polishes had shimmer like Tour De Finance (and I wish they ALL had better names) but this was a solid effort put forth by Essie this Spring.  The Navigate Her collection is now available wherever Essie is sold for $8.

What do you think of this collection?  Any dupes?  Any must haves?  Any comparisons you'd like to see?


  1. Some of these are really pretty.

    Navigate her is one I'd like to own. Can't justify buying everything in this collection.

  2. The orange would be a great toe color!

  3. How does TDF compare to Orly Oh Canana Boy?

  4. I LOVE the green. Just when I think I have enough green I see another shade that is unique. I may grab the pink too.

  5. Orange, it's Obvious is so pretty! I was looking at these in the bottle today and I couldn't decide which to get, so I didn't get any. Thanks for swatching these for us! Now I want to go back and get that orange! Lol!

  6. To Buy or Not to Buy is really pretty! Hope you're doing better.

  7. I love ole Caliente and Tour de Finance! So bright. I'm not a big fan of Navigate Her, though.

  8. I had to get Tour de Finance being a fuchsia fanatic...I have other oranges/orange reds similar to the 2 in this collection so skipping those. But the green - Navigate Her - I had to have. It's unique to my stash - not olive - not a mint - not a pastel green with too much white in it. I can see where some skin tones, this green might be too yellow and not look right - but I am loving it! Now if I can only find the pretty blue from the previous Overboard collection.


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