Monday, March 12, 2012

Green Swatch Spam for St. Patty's Day!

Good afternoon my fellow lacquered lovers!  As (sort of) promised, here is post number two of the day!  Since St. Patty's day is fast approaching, last night I decided to pull ALL my green polishes out of my collection.  I surprisingly had a lot!  So today, I have a bunch of swatch spam for you all!  Just lots of pictures of gorgeous greens!  Stay tuned throughout the week for more!  Now, without further ado, on to the polish!!!

 Above:  Barielle Green Opal
 Above:  Butter London Bossy Boots
 Above:  Butter London British Racing Green
 Above:  China Glaze Cha Cha Cha
 Above:  China Glaze Gaga For Green
Above:  Color Club Holiday Splendor
 Above:  Dior Water Lily
 Above:  Dr.'s REMEDY Essential EMERALD
 Above:  Essie Armed & Ready
 Above:  Essie Navigate Her
 Above:  Illamasqua Kink
Above:  Illamasqua MILF
 Above:  NARS Night Porter
 Above:  Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede
 Above:  Pretty and Polished Sphere
 Above:  Sinful Colors Call You Later
 Above:  Wet N Wild SaGreena The Teenage Witch
 Above:  Zoya Evvie
 Above:  Zoya Holly
 Above:  Zoya Ivanka
Above:  Zoya Rina

Whew, that is a LOT of green!  The good news is, I have so much more!  Who would have thought I had so much green in my collection?

What do you think of the greens?  Which are your favorites?  Which are your least favorites?


  1. China Glaze Gaga For Green is really pretty!
    It's alot like OPI Green-wich Village, which I have.

  2. I am really going for both Gaga For Green and Ivanka. I did the same thing - pulled all my greens - embarrassing as I had far more than I ever thought I did - and I only got into greens in this past yr (other than what I would buy at holiday time). I don't store by color so my pull was a HUGE process. Now will leave them all out for a few days so my gal friends who pop over and pick a color and do their St. Patty's day thing! Oh, I also love OPI Jade is the New Black too. It's not a traditional St. Patty's green but then neither is Cha Cha Cha and I honestly was thinking last week that is what I wanted to wear - I adore it and have not had it on yet this year.

  3. Who knew there were sooo many greens!!

  4. I love green polish of all shades. I'm wearing Nubar Reclaim right now actually. And I'm planning my second green manicure of the eel because I know this one won't last. Thanks for such amazing green spam!


  5. Your greens are beautiful! Your swatches of Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede and Dior Water Lily are my faves. I will be using some Zoya Opal in my St Patty day manicure.


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